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  1. For everyone in the UK that is on this latest batch of deliveries, Mine turned up Yesterday (Wednesday 26th) Make sure you've been on to the UPS tracker and paid your export fees otherwise UPS won't continue the process until its paid.
  2. Same here I pre-ordered beginning of February and I’ve had confirmation mine is also on it’s way!!! Thank you Aerosoft, I’ve been patiently waiting since last August after Amazon let me down. Can’t wait for the knock on the door as the Guinness slogan goes.... Good things come to those who wait
  3. I think its safe to say (I ordered 12th Feb too, and cancelled Amazon !!) that ours is still in pieces waiting to be built, We may receive by Xmas haha.
  4. I sure hope my order (1120295237) is in that mountain of gold!! Please god, please.... been waiting since release date, binned Amazon off after they failed me.
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