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  1. See pictures in OP. Code is entered manually and ATC selector is on 1
  2. I have completed many flights in the A320 (flybywire), one today, with no issues. As this is the only other airliner I tend to fly, in addition to that, I have quite a few flights in GA planes, and never had any issue. The CRJ is so far the only aircraft I have encountered this problem with. To me it seems that the transponder doesn't always switch to Alt mode when it should and stays in Stby. Just an assumption though, based on the behaviour I observed. I wonder, because I think I might have forgotten to set the To To mode prior to takeoff on my second flight today,
  3. Ok, another flight with a callsign and it doesn't accept my transponder code again... so that wasn't it. out of ideas honestly...
  4. Ok, did another Flight, this time without a hitch. Need a couple of confirmation flights, but I think as soon as you set a callsign and flight number in the ATC menu in MSFS word map, you're golden. I forgot to do that last time around.
  5. Hi, I'm trying to fly an IFR flight plan with the MSFS ATC. But ATC service is terminating constantly, because they don't recognize my squawk code and ask me to rest it to 1773. As fas as I can tell, I am squawking 1773. Can't seem to find a solution. Any ideas? Pictures of my setup attached:
  6. I noticed that the CRJ has it's own folder for NavData. Is Navigraph supported with this? So if I download the latest AIRAC from Navigraph into that Folder, will it work as intended? And how does it correlate with the Navigraph Data injected into MSFS itself?
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