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  1. The drag model seems much improved in version 1.0.5. I like that the drag changes with propeller pitch. Thanks!
  2. I re-watched the video of Winair landing at St. Barths on YouTube and changed my technique a bit. The pilots flew 80 knots all the way down from 1500 feet. They started with flaps 20 and then went full flaps at around 800 feet. With the old flight model I was able to slow down enough with just flaps 20 all the way down. With full flaps I am able to land without floating too much. Maybe the old model was too aggressive with prop drag? I'm assuming the new model is closer to reality since the real pilots are using full flaps.
  3. The lack of prop drag is a real problem with short, steep landings like at St. Barths. A bit disappointing that the flight model was changed as these types of approaches were half the fun of flying the Twotter. Not so much any more.
  4. I found if I use the button press for SET CONDITION LEVER 1 and the button release for CONDITION LEVER 1 CUT OFF then it works as expected with the engine switch on the TCA (button 3 for engine 1, button 4 for engine 2).
  5. Are there any alternatives to using the mixture axis? I'm using the Thrustmaster TCA and don't have an axis to spare. It tried assigning buttons to SET MIXTURE 1 RICH and SET MIXTURE LEAN 1, but that doesn't seem to work. I'm a bit surprised that the FUEL VALVE inputs aren't used instead since it just seems to be an on/off input.
  6. Would love to see this livery at some point: http://www.rcaf-arc.forces.gc.ca/en/aircraft-current/cc-138.page
  7. I would like to see WestJet included as an airline. It makes up about 40% of Canadian air traffic. You're already supporting most major Canadian airports. It would be nice to see more representative traffic at the gates.
  8. I included the scripts because they are not very big it was easy to do. If you are happy with the model matching file as it is, there is no reason to run the scripts. The scripts are only necessary if the Aerosoft livery names change or if you want to add or remove aircraft from the model matching file. You can also just manually edit the simple_traffic.tmr file with a text editor if you prefer.
  9. I have created a project for generating a model matching file for vPilot that allows the Simple Traffic liveries to appear for a variety of aircraft on VATSIM. I used some Python scripts to generate a file that matches a number of ICAO aircraft codes that are popular on VATSIM with the closest-matching Simple Traffic models and liveries. You do not need to run the scripts to use the model matching file. Just download the release and copy the simple_traffic.vmr file from the zip file. Project is here: https://github.com/hallidave/simple-traffic-vpilot Release is here: https://github.com/hallidave/simple-traffic-vpilot/releases I've only done some basic testing, but it seems to work quite well for me. Let me know if you have any questions or problems.
  10. I have found that the TOD does not appear unless the cruise altitude has been entered in the PERF INIT page. Maybe the cruise altitude was missing?
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