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  1. I have checked the YD and everything else, but when i try to engage the ap it turns of instantly. Could anyone give me any tips? it seems so complicated
  2. I have an issues that everytime I set LOC 1 on nav and it lines up, i click app and it does nothing with the altitude, it just does absolutely nothing. I have tried turning of ALT etc when switching to APP mode. I have the nav 1 details correct and LOC 1 in green when establishing. Anyone have any recommendations to what I could be doing wrong? Many thanks!
  3. I have worked out how to hold the airspeed during climb. But as soon as it gets to cruise it always disconnects and I have to set the throttle manually, same on descent and landing. After climb the speed button does not want to engage. How do you work around this?
  4. --EDIT-- I have just removed the discontinuity from my flight plan, lets see how it flies the STAR now! @jerseytom
  5. Exactly right, gets to the first STAR waypoint then basically disconnects from the flight plan (so I have to fly it manually) best way to word how I can describe it
  6. When I set everything into the fmc, take off and press NAV the aircraft fly's the SID correctly, but every time I reach the entry point to the STAR (last waypoint eg VASUX for LGW 26L) Nav stops working, disengages and will not allow me to switch it back on, meaning I keep having to fly the star manually. I cant seem to understand why it does this when it does the SID correctly. Any suggestions as to what i could be doing wrong is well appreciated, thank you.
  7. I am probably doing something wrong, as I am not an expert when it comes to the CRJ But whenever i try to set speed (throttle is set to climb etc) it shows that its armed (green lights) by the speed just keeps increasing (past set limit) and sometimes it turns it self off automatically. It is really frustrating because no matter what I try I cant seem to get the speed to hold
  8. You are right, I hadn't engaged the Yaw Damper, silly mistake thank you so much.
  9. For some reason i can not get the autopilot to turn on. I click the ap button and it flashes green but refuses to stay on (automatically disconnects instantly) I have tried everything I can think of and its really annoying because I really want to fly this awesome looking aircraft. Please help!
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