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  1. Thank you for feedback, I'm replying to your PM 😉
  2. Hi, First of all thank you very much for releasing Berlin EDDB scenery for MSFS, that's a great product! I noticed that on the new apron, ground textures are really light-coloured and unrealistic. The pavement is light-gray in real life too, but as every airport it is ruined by oil, grease, hydraulic fluids etc. etc. In the sim it looks like the airport (new apron and taxiways) has just been built, polished and never used before. Also runway 07L/25R (and some of the taxiways on the north apron, former SXF) asphalt in reality is way darker than the color used for this scenery in the sim. Any chance that you can improve this? If necessary, next time I'll be on duty I can take some pictures of the apron/taxiways/runways. Regards, Lorenzo
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