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  1. As far as I am concerned Ole you didnt NEED to do that at all, the transfer is your choice and if that is your wish happy for both of you However for all the work you have done you are entitled to a plot in my personal opinion, and definetely to remain and run while elected as President of the Owners Association ! Thanks for everything you do ! John
  2. Yes you need scenery settings very high to get everything appearing in Andras Field - there was a car that came with my plot 03 but didnt see it at the settings I was using, changed them to max on a clue from Mathijs and there it was ! John
  3. I would vote for Province Town - have visited it and the area of New England - looking ath the google image a lot of room for building and "amending" the airport to suit all - oh and I am a Boston Red Sox fan too so wouldnt be far from the games
  4. Just a quick hello to all, got my membership card yesterday and my plot at the airfield over this weekend so need to settle in now Apart from my flight simming I am also in to sports replay gaming so feel free to have a look at my site below - plan to add a page for Andras Field to my site soon John
  5. Guess I will have to make sure that theres someone who will check the pool out and keep it good for me now ! Maybe they should try and make some personalsised individual characters moving around our plots on our own descriptions so it looks like we are really there !! John
  6. Just got my plot this weekend and then found I get a free copy of this when its available for us all - great news and thanks Aerosoft, makes the plot a bargain John
  7. Thanks Vflight - looking forward to moving in ( and seeing if that car will indeed go down the drive ! ) Got the home, applied for Aviation Club Membership and my first post here on the forums all in one day John
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