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  1. I am getting very wild calculations when planning longer flights where stepclimbs are in order. Need to plan with fixed alt and then step as the FMS suggest. It results in a much more conservative planning, which is fine, but no pushing the range envelope of the airframes I have for the time being.
  2. I have the same issue. I always use TOGA thrust for take-off because I do not have a reliable way of calculating FLEX. It spools up nice and then after hitting about 100kts or so will start to degrade. Next time I take off I will make a video. Definetly wasn't like this a few updates ago.
  3. The ADG needs to be reset by the ground crew after landing.
  4. Hey, there seems to be no difference between the bank angle limits whether or not 1/2 bank mode is armed or not.
  5. Dears, can we get a comment on the icing effects? The EICAS gives an icing warning at pretty accurate conditions (where on would expect icing). However no visual icing effects can be seen (I tried to purposely freeze my plane over). Also does the ice accumulation, if not treated properly, degrade flight performance as well?
  6. Its good to be able to monitor COM2 but how can we also brodcast on it?
  7. Maybe the EFB is suggesting too high of a trimmsetting? I’ve been experiencing the same slightly odd behaviour.
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