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  1. I can't completely agree with the last two responses. Yes the current issue with WASM modules leading to CTD is an Asobe issue not directly related with the CRJ. But it is also a fact that the standard MSFS interfaces (MSFS, SIMCONNECT) cover most of the standard function necessary without the need for LVARs/HVARS. It is a decision of the CRJ developers not to link these standard interfaces with the CRJ vars. I do understand that a complex plane like the CRJ needs additional functionality (vars, events, etc.) in comparison what SIMCONNECT/MSFS provide
  2. Standard drivers do not work as the CRJ unfortunately does not use the MSFS standard interfaces (mostly SIMCONNECT and MSFS Interface). With a solution like SPAD.neXt you can make it work when you download the rights profile or create your own one. I, like others, have shared such a profile for SPAD.neXt. There are other solutions doing something similar. Basically you need to use the CRJ proprietary vars and events for most of the functions which the standard Logitech driver doesn't use. Unfortunately the Aerosoft team did not link the default vars and events to the mo
  3. Not really honest - blaming the simulator although there are free mods out there which handle ILS very well. If the the simulator has this issue and there are workarounds I expect an €50 software to have implemented them or at least admit that they did not have the time to do so but will in the future.
  4. You are unbelievable... There are free mods (FBW A320N and WT CJ4) which handle the ILS GS very well. So I think when I spend €50 I can expect that as well. I do agree that we can live with some issue as long as they are acknowledged any planned to be fixed. But constantly blaming customers or the simulator software (same simulator other mods use) instead of simply saying "yes, there is an issue and we are working on it" is really not a way to treat paying customers.
  5. I agree, but this is true for free open source projects as well. Although I see the hard work the team does, the tone often is condescending! If the support in the software company I work for would do this I would have a serious discussion with them.
  6. You mean all the free projects which cost nothing give better and friendlier support than the team from the 50€ paid software support? Not really understanding your view here?
  7. Exactly - I grounded it as well until this is fixed. I enjoy flying the free Working Title CJ4 which is all in all very similar (no autothrust, similar cockpit, etc.) and does not have any of the issues described here. ILS approaches work very well and reliable which is what I want when flying on VATSIM. PS: I also agree that the tone give by Aerosoft here is really disappointing. I had several other support requests with other projects in the last couple of days and nowhere has the tone been this customer unfriendly.
  8. As I have also problems with thrust and power so that I can't climb fast or high enough (I have posted in other threats as well) I have looked at this also and can confirm that the engine values in the cockpit do not match the values of the HUD in external view. What the impact of this is I don't know. But the bad climb performance I have makes sense when only using 73% like showed in the external view.
  9. I made a new flight - EIDW-EDDS. Very bad climb rate from the beginning - didn't even reach 20.000 in a reasonable time. Not sure if I do something wrong or if it is the plane. Here a video maybe somebody spots a mistake: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vtdkeq1i8b3ujwq/Microsoft Flight Simulator 2021.04.01 - You will also notice micro stutters in the video which I only have in the CRJ.
  10. I have this issue as well. Can't confirm that pausing caused it but I did press pause after loading to change the throttle preset. I did not manage to climb at a reasonable rate and got stuck at FL30 - would climb further at 290kt speed hold even with MAX power - trying with V/S ended up in stall or 0 climb. Had to disconnect my VATSIM flight as I did not find a viable solution. My setup is simple - TCA Throttle with correct settings (linear, etc.) - sim throttle showed correct position. Really can't say what it was what caused it. I had several flight yesterday to s
  11. I also did some tests and can't confirm that EDDF works: EDDM 8R + L several time (simwings) - plane does not hold glide slope - it sinks too low a few miles before rwy. EDDF 25C (default) - same thing - plane sinks too low a few miles before rwy. It is manageable as it is not a dive but a slow sink below glide scope. Just disconnect AP earlier and hand-fly the rest. But compared to WT CJ4 or FBW A32NX this is still rather insufficient.
  12. The stand numbering in MSFS (and all tool which use MSFS for this data - Little Navmap, Aivlasoft EFB2, ...) are not in line with the charts. Neither with the provided NavDataPro Charts not Navigraph. Not a major issue but would be nice to have it more consistent. But:
  13. As shown below the hold functionality seems not to be implemented correctly. Flight plan: EDDS - EDDM with RIXED4A arrival and hold at ROKIL at FL80. Plane turns left insteaf right and the inbound heading also seems to be off. Published hold per chart: HOLD in flight plan: Actual pattern:
  14. I have changed some values in the camera.cfg to be able to quickly use my flight sticks hat switch to go to Pilot Close or Pilot Landing view. I have increased zoom for them and also for Pilot Close the angle. CRJ700 [CAMERADEFINITION.0] Title ="Pilot" InitialZoom =0.4 [CAMERADEFINITION.1] Title ="ClosePilot" InitialZoom =0.2 InitialPbh= -18, 0, 0 [CAMERADEFINITION.2] Title ="LandingPilot" InitialZoom =0.3 Not sure if there is another way to achieve that permanently other than changing this file. If you want try it out - for me it mak
  15. No, it didn't. But thanks for that post. The Navograph guy there confirmed that if you bought the CRJ through the MSFS in-game store (installed to official\OneStore) the nav data must be installed in official as well and not in Community as per their installer. NAVDataFMS Data Developer 9m Hi gents, Aerosoft had now confirmed that the path between the Marketversion and a Webshop version for the navdata is differ. We will change the installer logic now … Sorry, but we have built t
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