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  1. Problem solved, I had 'Toggle Reverser' in stead of 'Hold Reverser' assigned to my TCA, no it works.
  2. yes I do but I only get the warning when reversers are fully deployed, not in idle, strange. But thanks for you great explanation, much appreciated.
  3. And I would like to add that the plane is not moving backwards when reversers are deployed unless N1 above 75 (blue arrow). Always thought idle reverse is enough to move the plane backwards.
  4. I wonder if this is normal for the CRJ. After touchdown when reversers are fully deployed and N1 Rev is above 75 (little blue arrow), I get a config flaps warning. TCA Throttle is correctly calibrated and works well.
  5. Beautiful morning flight into Copenhagen and I realized that maybe the calculated Vapp speed is a bit too low (or flight model has to be adjusted a bit). When descending at about 160 ktns fully configured the plane followed the glide path without problems. When reducing the speed to Vapp the plane went below GS. During landing I had to pitch up and accelerate in order to hit the runway(the rate of descent at Vapp was to high and plane was getting too slow after I pitched up). I wonder if somebody else has experienced this. Looks like the plane cannot stay on the GS at slow speeds close to Vapp because rate of descent gets too high. BTW, I always get a config flaps warning shortly after touch down. But overall fantastic plane!!! Many thanks to the Aerosoft team.
  6. With my rig ( 9700K., 1080Ti, 32gbram) which is comparable to yours I can play it in 4K on a 52inch TV, looks amazing
  7. Worked for me too using the Rift S
  8. Great plane, really enjoying it. I didn't receive an answer about the yoke trim button and following the forum, I think there are a few of us having a problem with it. Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong. Many thanks.
  9. I assume it has something to do with the empty CG set to 35 by default in the sim. I think it should be around 23. With that value it worked better for me. Does anybody know the correct empty CG for the CRJ?
  10. After the plane descended, I had to push APPR twice to catch the GS, then it worked at level flight.
  11. Just create a fp in simbrief and export to the simulator and to the CRJ. Load it in the sim. Then you have ATC for your flight. TOD is pretty accurate.
  12. Same thing, crashes every time with rift S
  13. My trim button on the yoke is animated but doesn't change the trim setting. Have to map a key on the keybord to adjust the trim. Am I doing something wrong. Many thanks, great Plane!!!
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