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  1. Hello all, As has been reported previously, I can't get the load manager to function in P3D V3.4. Some of the cockpit instruments don't function either; the throttle doesn't move in the VC, although I can control the throttles. I've reinstalled 3 times, reinstalled simconnect, etc. Nothing seems to work. Any assistance, tips, or suggestions would be appreciated. I really want to fly this model! Thanks in advance, Mark K.
  2. And it worked. Problem solved, thanks very much!
  3. That was an amazingly fast response - thanks!... I'll give that a try.
  4. Hello all, I've read through all the posts and seem to have a unique problem - the numeric displays on my autopilot (HDG, ALT etc) are blank - no numbers are visible. I'm guessing it's a font issue... I've already installed/uninstalled several times, and the problem remains. Any suggestions ? Thanks in advance,
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