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  1. Is the CRJ updated now after downloading Sim Update 4 or is there an additional patch to come that fixes the LNAV issues?
  2. That's great news Mathijs - the Aerosoft CRJ is an amazing simulation and fixing this issue will be setting the bar very high for others to follow.
  3. It would be nice if Aerosoft team could comment on whether this LNAV issue is which is documented by many users has been understood and corrected with the latest world update? Or will there be a further update to the CRJ in the future to correct this behavior?
  4. Hi Mathijs and Hans, have you been able to replicate and understand the issue? I'm happy to do some testing if you have certain conditions you would like debugged. Maybe different weights, CG's, etc. (a small DOE so to speak) would be helpful? I suspect you have many users here ready to help pin down the issue.
  5. Yes, a big thank you to Aerosoft - the CRJ really is amazing in every way, if we can get a dependable LNAV it's as good as anything I've flown in FSX, or P3D ...
  6. Same here, have followed all the advice (including hitting the load payload button multiple times) and still have horrible LNAV performance. As OP posted, CRJ chases the flight path and swings back and forth. This is such a show stopper and it surprises me how few of us are reporting this problem. I've not seen any acknowledgement from Aerosoft that this is a bug and will be addressed. So I continue to wonder if it's something I'm doing on my end? I'll continue to monitor this thread but until then I will park the CRJ and hope for a resolution.
  7. Ditto here, plane is in the hanger now due to this issue. I did not purchase the CRJ in P3D but understand this was an ongoing problem on that platform as well? This CRJ is really an amazing simulation. But if it can't follow lateral nav dependably then it removes all the fun of flying her. I'm surprised to not see more complaints on the forum about this - is there some setting on the user side that can be optimized to fix this? Or, is this a known issue with the current state of the MSFS SDK? I don't fly the default Longitude at all because of the same issue, but in fact it's even worse on the CRJ. I'm hopeful that this will be fixed in the next update, would really like to hear Aerosoft confirm this is being looked at and corrected?
  8. Several quick flights in now - personal opinion is that this CRJ is quite simply amazing. I was expecting a solid step up from what was currently available in MSFS and this has exceeded my expectations by quite a large margin. Great job Aerosoft!
  9. Spent some more time with the reverse thruster, it will work if you assign a button as advised to the Throttle 1 Decrease and the Throttle 2 Decrease, however, I don't have the Reverse Axis toggle clicked. Also, the visual behavior of the throttles in the cockpit don't really behave properly, but the thrust reverser does seem to activate correctly and looks correct from the exterior view. I haven't checked yet on what this will do for other MSFS aircraft if left in this configuration.
  10. Same issue, and the advice given about binding a button to "Decrease Thottles" and reversing the axis does not work. I'm using a CH Products Figher Stick ... I think we need a different solution or some better / more complete advice.
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