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  1. Sure, I know, but some people who do not read this forum might have an issue unless the scenery would be changed by developers.
  2. Hello guys, Just wanted to let you know that ILS frequency for rwy 22 has changed from 109.90 to 108.70 - so if aircraft flies the latest AIRAC, pilot will not be able to capture ILS in your scenery. So maybe we could expect the respective changes in AFCAD files? Thanks.
  3. I'm second here - this guy looked so poor in his shirt when I had a flight from Moscow with -5*C outside =))
  4. Thnx, it works for me. camaflight, maybe you should try to use UTE option instead...
  5. Joachim, thnx for the reply. But I have Aerosoft New Spanish Airports collection, not the separated Barcelona. So, I can't find such file inside the folder.
  6. Guys, what about ships on a mountain? Anybody has it too?
  7. Hi all! Did you see some ships from the seaport parked on the Montjuik mountain? I have such bug with UTEurope installed.
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