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  1. The throttle has been calibrated with MSFS and Thrustmaster TCA Airbus edition. The throttle functions with other default MSFS aircraft. However, I'm attempting to calibrate the throttle with the new CRJ 500 released today. On the EFB throttle calibration page, the two raw data input fields are empty, filled with dashes. When the throttle is moved forward, these raw input data fields remain empty, and are not displaying any input from the throttle movement with any degrees of change. I am unable to "set" the throttle input at each detente within this calibration page on the EFB. I'm unable to
  2. Where can we go within forums or the Aerosoft site to download the various 8 CRJ 500 manuals for the newly released MSFS CRJ? The link provided in the MSFS marketplace description is inaccessible - https://freeware.aerosoft.com/forum/downloads/ASCRJ550-700MSFSDOCUMENTATION.ZIP
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