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  1. Does this apply to the Aerosoft installer for the CRJ? The game is already on a second drive but it's detecting a version that isn't there. This is the issue I am running into. I originally had the Microsoft Store version but refunded it and swapped to Steam so I think it's finding old files that no longer apply. Any way to force the installer to use a different version? If not I haven't activated a product yet and if I can refund I might be able to just purchase through in game instead if this is going to be a permanent issue that the installer isn't setup to handle. UPDATE: Scratch that think I figured it out!
  2. Not sure if this includes those that have the digital version. Already submitted a help request but want to see if the community has any ideas on the CRJ install I am having issues with. Trying to install it seems to think I have it installed through the Microsoft Store but I have it through Steam and I can't find a way to directly point it at the correct install location. Is there a way to force it? I don't have any room on my "C:" Drive so I need to get it installed on the same drive the Flight Sim itself is installed on. I don't see an option for a custom install path. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Should note I didn't originally see it in the store marketplace otherwise I would have purchased there instead.
  3. https://freeware.aerosoft.com/forum/downloads/AS_CRJ_550-700_MSFS_DOCUMENTATION.zip Just found the link for the market place version.
  4. Depending on which version you got there is a download folder with documentation that includes a checklist.
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