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  1. edit: tested with aerosoft crj, a32nx, and g1000 setups everything lvar related works as it should
  2. a hotfix was released and i can confirm that spad next bridge module works fine again and does not cause crash to desktop
  3. I have other things to do, but I could not wait. So I bought the msfs version for spad.next. got the beta version, activated lvar, and now IT WORKS AS IT SHOULD you even set the 40 kts limit for the speed/IAS button lol ! how awesome! you really made my day sir, salute you, thank you very very much, it was so frustrating so this weekend Im a regional pilot I guess
  4. Ok good, you helped me a lot, appreciate it. I will give it a try because yeah you actually can't access beta with free trial version. But if it works in the end it will be worth it for me thank you again, I will let you know if it worked the other day
  5. just putting the profile into the spad.next profiles folder did not work. so I have watched the video for the lvar configuration, but I can not find the lvar bridge folder for msfs. have I got this right? the lvar bridge is included in the beta? because beta is for registered account only and I wanted to make sure it will work before spending money. or willI get the lvar bridge with registered account? my head is exploding right now
  6. please, as I am fighting with spad.next to get this running since tuesday evening, just wont work. wasnt even able to fly the crj with panels yet if I use the rotary switch for altitude in the cockpit in game (with the mouse) it will also change the altitude on my multi panel, but if I want to change it from the panel with the knob, the whole panel just goes crazy lol also only landing gear working on switch panel didnt even try radio panel because it doesnt even work properly on some standard aircraft lol
  7. well the day is more than half done now even in aerosofts TZ assuming you guys were right with 5 pm and the average person goes to bet at 10pm we in germany will have 5 hours time to try the crj on its release day. wow
  8. This is getting silly right now. Just tell when the release will be or don't say anything about it. Why make a riddle of it
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