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  1. +1 It would be so nice having the new colors of french regional CCM Airlines (repaint that Holgi made a few months ago) ! Here's another pic with french correct number "F-HDMF" : http://www.airliners.net/photo/Air-Corsica/Airbus-A320-214/2136121/L/&sid=fef9be970d22f5bef7df2b78e7cae125 Thanks a lot to all talented painters of this wonderful bird
  2. Hi everyone, i would like to know if Holgi or an other talented repainter could make this livery : Thanks in advance
  3. The question has already been asked some months ago but anyone decided to try do this repaint, so I would ask again if someone like Holgi, which made and is making quality paints, could try to do the Air Inter 1990's Colors of Airbus A320 CFM as in this picture : http://www.airliners...1cd27d1338af377 http://www.airliners...liners.net%252F : In this page, you have some Air Inter repaints. I already try to do the Air Inter Europe paint, uploaded in the download section, but i'm not really satisfied of my work... ^^ So, for the Air Inter paint, I think a good painter is required! Happy Flights!
  4. Version 2


    Repaint of Airbus X A320 Aerosoft in colors of Air Inter Europe, which was an airline owned by Air France group in the late 90's. Enjoy !
  5. Hi Holgi, I don't Know if Alessandro is happy, but I am ! Thanks for this livery !
  6. +1 ! This is a wonderful 90's livery !
  7. Nice paint ! I'm gonna discover Germany with !
  8. Oh yes of course i have it ! I flew only a few time with, but the repaint is very nice ! In fact I've got all the 16 pages of the download repaints section in my FSX ! You are a very good repainter ! ;P canarias235.
  9. Thanks for your hard work ! This is awesome ! canarias235.
  10. Hi people, i think that the Airbus' Old Colors could be a great repaint for our Airbus X ! Some Pictures : Happy Flights !
  11. Wonderful onyx ! Look like real life ! ^^
  12. sorry for the double post but i don't like to left mistakes on my posts ...^^
  13. OH MY GOD ! IT'S Wonderful !! i think there's still some problems with Aerosoft' servers ! If you want you wanna upload it on AVSIM or Flightsim.com it would be very nice ! Thanks a lot and Holgi
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