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  1. Yep, sometimes this happens. Restart of a flight fixes it.
  2. With the new "lock" controls system it is actually first left mouse button, hold it and then while holding the left button either press right mouse button (push) or middle mouse button (pull). I know your way also works but the new system introduced the left mouse button as the lock button. With that pressed one can also turn knobs just by moving a mouse into left or right direction. I haven't tested that in the CRJ though, waiting for Asobo patch that fixes that airspeed indicator thing.
  3. Yep, I'm having the same problem for a couple of weeks now. Asobo must have changed something in one of the recent updates because I have ATC muted in the CRJ and also in FBW A32NX. In the CRJ I must always pull out the VHF1 button and in A32NX I must rotate the VHF1 knob to the right as the volume is always on zero when loading the aircraft.
  4. I can't wait for this airport. The screenshots look awesome.
  5. I hope they are aware of this because I believe they threw this into the same bag with the problem with controller axis. They locked my other topic about this keyboard problem after the hotfix was released saying the issue has been fixed. Well, it fixed a problem with controllers (Hotas X works fine for me) but this keyboard problem persists after the hotfix.
  6. If you are at a high altitude airport (I believe above 7000 feet above the sea) then you will not get the speeds calculated. There is no performance data for that.
  7. Yep, I have this problem too and I am getting a bit frustrated because I can't fly the CRJ after the update. Using the F2 and F3 keys the throttle moves but between IDLE and CLB nothing happens with N1 and N2. The engines stay idle. The hotfix didn't fix that for me. P.S.: I tried to connect my Thrustmaster Hotas X controller and that works normally, engines power increase between IDLE and CLB positions as I move the thrust lever. F2 and F3 on a keyboard don't work though as I stated above. I hope the solution can be found because I can't use my controller every time and I need to control the thrust on my keyboard.
  8. Thanks for the reply but I see people having problems with controllers and I just can't get it to work normally on a keyboard with F2 and F3 keys. The levers visually move but from IDLE to CLB positions the engines stay in idle. When it clicks in CLB position then the engines rev up to N1 and N2 values that are expected for that mode.
  9. I haven't tried with my Thrustmaster controller yet but I can't control the throttle with my keyboard with keys F2 and F3. The throttle moves but N1 stays at idle until I reach CLB position, then the engines wake up. Plus when the throttle gets over about half way to CLB the key F2 doesn't make it go back but instead it goes forward as if I pressed F3. I tried to fully uninstall the CRJ and install the latest version again but with the same result.
  10. Yes, the same problem here. A difficult switch and I usually open/close the guard a couple of times before I manage to hit the switch.
  11. You're right. That would be nice to have them included.
  12. But the discussion was not about altitude or v/s knobs or buttons (they are not switches, anyway). It was about operating three state switches. The default and mod aircraft allow operating the switches with left mouse clicks and a mouse wheel while CRJ three position switches can be operated with a mouse wheel only. So nobody was asking for a change. Just adding a feature that is available for other aircraft in MSFS. I also find operating rotating knobs with a mouse wheel as a better method. Not the switches though.
  13. What can be convenient for some can be less convenient for others. I would like to see the possibility to have both ways of operating the buttons in CRJ but I can live with that mouse wheel method even though I prefer the "default" way.
  14. That linked post sounds a bit strange to me. Default aircraft and mods like fbw a320 use a left button mouse click with arrows showing the direction of the button movement depending on where I place the pointer. CRJ is the only aircraft where I must use a mouse wheel on three state buttons as the left click works only on two state buttons and no direction arrows show up. So if that mouse wheel method is the primary method then why is that? Doesn't SDK allow the same button operations as in default aircraft?
  15. It can be triggered easily as described above. But I have always thought that's intentional for the case of a turnaround which is quite common in this aircraft.
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