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  1. Lol. My pc, My ps... If you write about your FPS, then let's take a look at screenshots of the simulator settings. And you we're just talking about FPS.
  2. Pay attention to the 3 screenshots above. When viewed from the position of the first officer, the engines look different on the screen (highlighted in red squares). If you move to the center, then they are the same. If you sit in the place of the co-pilot, again they are different, but in a different way. The track line is also distorted.
  3. Does it mean that your team even solved the distortion of the image on the screens ?! You are just cool guys in this case! Thank you again for your work! I really enjoy flying this plane. Thumbs up.
  4. I have some distortions. Is it because of my screen resolution (3440х1440)?
  5. Yes thank you! And so he did. Everything went well. Thanks again to the developers. Great plane! I don't think this is a bug, but here's what I noticed (see screenshots):
  6. Guys, I still can't figure out what update are we talking about? There is no update in Market Place. I bought my plane at a built-in store. Store version.
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