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  1. Hello - is there any update on this? It's clearly been an issue for over 10 months. Is a fix doable? Being able to fly holds correctly is fairly crucial
  2. @Mathijs Kok I'm afraid the optics here simply aren't great. You're benchmarking your success on sales, rather than how satisfied the community is with the product. The most important metric has to be whether consumers are satisfied - it's hardly a surprise that the product has "sold extremely well". The MSFS user base is enormous, and they were promised a high quality addon. In this instance, the number of sales says very little about the quality. What should be more concerning is the number of people here, on Discord, and Facebook, saying they wanted to buy the product but will have to wait now. The fact it has sold well makes "remaining issues" that much more important. It doesn't mitigate or allay worry.
  3. Have seen lots of chaos and unhappiness over the past 36 hours, so just want to get some clarity from the devs/whether @Mathijs Kok can elaborate? I haven't yet bought the Twin Otter. I saw lots of criticism on release ("treating consumers like beta testers" etc), and clearly there's now been a hotfix. The general feeling seems to be that this fix hasn't resolved the existing sound issues. Having watched a few videos of folks using the update, this would seem reasonable. Note this one especially: https://youtu.be/eEeLx5sw88A?t=1690 - 28 mins in, the sound transition to idle simply isn't good enough for a payware aircraft. I think this is a question of value for money, and what consumers can expect when they buy a product. My key question now is whether Aerosoft is satisfied with the product, especially the sounds? I've seen some criticism slightly brushed off - does Aerosoft believe the sound quality is appropriate, or does the team accept there's a problem that will need to be rectified in order to restore confidence? I by no means wish to add to the criticism - I really want this aircraft. I've been so keen to get flying in it, but sadly don't feel it's good value for money in its current state. Thanks so much
  4. Adding here - I've tried several combinations today, I can't get the autopilot to follow a direct entry hold. The path is correct drawn, but the autopilot won't follow it. Hold is active in legs page, but it's seemingly flying a random pattern with now resemblance to the actual path drawn on the MFD. Any ideas from the Devs?
  5. I understand a bug fix is on the way for one of the throttle issues as a result of the latest update, however I just spotted another which I can't see flagged - With my single axis throttle, I can increase the engine RPM, however the modelled throttle in the cockpit doesn't move. I can use the keyboard (F3) to move the throttle levers, which has an impact on RPM. Doing so with my axis impacts the RPM, but not the levers. Weirdly, my throttle movement doesn't register when I try to calibrate it on the pad, however does have an impact on RPM. I appreciate this has been a tough day for the Aerosoft team, but since purchase, the aircraft was initially unflyable due to the DEP/ARR CTD bug. That has now been fixed in this update, but has now become almost unflyable due to the throttle issues. EDIT: If the calibrate window on the pad is open the axis correctly interacts with the aircraft. I don't need to touch anything in the calibrate window, or save/validate anything. If I just leave it open, the throttle works. The moment I click cancel and go back to say, the checklist page, the throttle becomes uncontrollable. At no point did I save anything/change anything in the calibrate page - opening it, then closing it, impacts how the axis interacts with the throttle...
  6. Just a quick confirmation that there’s an issue and it’s being worked on?
  7. Seen - the last thing I did before the error was go to the DEP ARR page of the FMC.
  8. Just experienced a total cockpit freeze - aircraft still moving flying the air, I can climb and descend manually, but everything in the cockpit froze. Buttons and knobs could be interacted with but would have no impact. Screens and HUD frozen. I believe it was triggered when I went to the DEP ARR page of the FMC, after which, nothing could be interacted with and all screens froze. The aircraft still operated - gear could go down (by pressing G) but I didn’t see the gear lever move, flaps could be moved, but the physical lever again didn’t move. Everything seemed working, other than the physical cockpit. Has anyone had this issue?
  9. Hi all - quick query: the mouse wheel is set up to interact with switches (turn them multiple ways). However in MSFS, the mouse wheel also zooms in and out. I currently have it set up such that I press space bar and can then move my mouse which pans my view around the cockpit. Moving the mouse wheel forward zooms in, and out zooms out. However, this control method also means that I regularly accidentally flick a switch/move a knob without realising (I just hear the sound effect of a switch being hit). At the moment, with the HUD down, I can't move my mouse wheel to zoom in, without it interacting with the cockpit and stowing the HUD. Has anyone else had this problem, and is there a way to isolate the mouse wheel, such that in some states (lets say, with another key pressed down) it zooms, and in others, it interacts with a switch. Currently I can't really zoom in or out without accidentally pressing something in the cockpit! Thanks!
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