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  1. Seen - the last thing I did before the error was go to the DEP ARR page of the FMC.
  2. Just experienced a total cockpit freeze - aircraft still moving flying the air, I can climb and descend manually, but everything in the cockpit froze. Buttons and knobs could be interacted with but would have no impact. Screens and HUD frozen. I believe it was triggered when I went to the DEP ARR page of the FMC, after which, nothing could be interacted with and all screens froze. The aircraft still operated - gear could go down (by pressing G) but I didn’t see the gear lever move, flaps could be moved, but the physical lever again didn’t move. Everything seemed working, other than t
  3. Hi all - quick query: the mouse wheel is set up to interact with switches (turn them multiple ways). However in MSFS, the mouse wheel also zooms in and out. I currently have it set up such that I press space bar and can then move my mouse which pans my view around the cockpit. Moving the mouse wheel forward zooms in, and out zooms out. However, this control method also means that I regularly accidentally flick a switch/move a knob without realising (I just hear the sound effect of a switch being hit). At the moment, with the HUD down, I can't move my mouse wheel to zo
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