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  1. Honestly not sure why people are getting upset by it not being out yet. Aerosoft said it will be out on the 16th March, as long as it comes out on the 16th March there's no issues. People can wait around or just buy it once released without waiting around, it's completely their choice. Aerosoft can't be the blame for you guys wanting to wait at your PC refreshing the page to buy it straight away, that's your guys' choice Edit: We've waited months for this, I'm pretty sure we can wait a few hours...
  2. The company has given a release date, they have never said they are giving a release time. Also it's people's choice if they would like to keep refreshing, it isn't needed to purchase the CRJ This was a joke
  3. Feeling pretty optimistic with my 1600Z release time!
  4. Unfortunately not every timezone can benefit from it. Aerosoft is in Germany
  5. Think about it this way guys, at the most we've got 10 hours and a bit to wait
  6. The admins/devs are all waking up...it’s time ladies and gentlemen👀
  7. Woke up at 6am UK time I’m that excited. Can’t get back to sleep, time to sit and wait! Coffee time... Edit: Spelling error
  8. Ahh that makes sense! I get paid 4PM tomorrow so hopefully not too far away from then 😋
  9. Are we able to have any info on this? Is it a rolling release or is it going to be available at one specific time tomorrow?
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