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  1. then i guess that is what happened - tried a couple of tests today and it shuts the plane down each time....even if i try active pause. Shame.
  2. Tried it since last update - did not happen this time, so not sure what this issue was. Tried drone and back into craft - no issues with buttons. Have a new issue now - aircraft shuts down if i press escape and go to in flight menu, and go back top plane. New topic for that. Its happened to me a few times - even before this update. Anyway - thanks for your advice - I will bear this in mind if it happens again
  3. Hi Just trying a flight - got into air...pressed escape by mistake and got into menu as normal. Went back to aircraft and all systems started to shut down, - warning lights going off..loss of pressure....etc ....only way to recover was a complete restart of the craft this has happened a few times now - so not recent update ... Using Logitech flight yoke and throttle, logitech pedals and Stream Deck. Latest windows etc. Any clues?
  4. I may have gone into drone view! I will give that work around a try. So if i go to drone and go back inside it is all stuck. So go back to drone view and then go back in and it might work!? thanks
  5. So I fixed the issue that was created by the latest update that broke the controllers - my Logitech throttles would not work. Saw other thread and followed advice. Next flight, all looking lovely, Alicante to Majorca...put in departure route.....took off....all ok....put in rest of flight and all buttons locked off....all i could do was fly with no access to any cockpit button unless it was assigned to my controller. No MCDU...not AP panel - nothing. Got fed up and dived into the sea...it was very stable a couple of days ago. Anyone else?
  6. I have restarted again and now the click hot spot works for the HUD - not sure why it would not click before! At least it had nothing to do with me unassigning the zoom from the mouse wheel!
  7. I tried clicking the hinge - the screen - everywhere. The other hotspots work as normal (eg the ref panel moves the stick up down/TO screw activates TO/TO)
  8. Hi The HUD is stuck in the down position - clicking the hinge does nothing. This has happened since I unbound the wheel on my mouse to zoom in cockpit view (I find when rotating dials etc, it is quicker to use mouse wheel, but often zooms if your cursor is not precisely over the dial) How do I make the HUD disappear - i have tried deleting all the "m" files form the packages and tried restarts. Any advice appreciated
  9. Hi New here and loving the CRJ. Quick question and it maybe already answered. I notice while rummaging around in the MCDU - there is a page that displays all the flight plans currently in the system folder (one that I have imported from SimBrief) MCDU>FMS>Route Menu>Pilot Route List I can click on one and it says route loaded but nothing actually happens. Is this a feature that is enabled (eg - we dont need to type in the 8 digit sim brief/ICAO code)? Be nice to be able to load into an airport with a choice of routes to load in from the menu....
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