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  1. Anyone figure out how to activate the gpss steering mode by pressing the nav button a second time??
  2. 4. GPSS Steering- need to program so that when you push the Nav button a second time, GPSS Steering is activated. I have no idea how to do this. I saw a post by Aerosoft folks somewhere in response to another person that this would be possible with the new configurator, but they just didn't say exactly how to do it.
  3. My thought was that you need to be able to set the INCR/DECR depending on what it is adjusting. If its adjusting the heading bug, for example, then the fast speed is great. However, if its adjusting other things, like VSI Altitude which is numerical increments, then it needs to be slower. The solution is to be able to set the repeat speed depending on the left knob setting and what's being increased or decreased. I've asked this question earlier today in my Cessna 172 post and am awaiting a response. Scott
  4. The new configurator is great, but I really wish that someone would create the perfect Cessna 172 configuration for Xplane 11.5. I'd be happy to pay for it! Barring that, it seems that we need the following adjustments to the default throttle profile for the Cessna 172: 1. Low Hydraulic Warning light- Needs to be turned off. I figured out how to do this by going to the LED section, Hydraulic, and setting the value to 0. Otherwise that light will be on all the time when flying the C172. 2. Increased turn rate for the trim wheel. Not sure if I got this right. I clicked on the trim wheel which brings up the nose up and nose down blue boxes. I pressed the nose up blue box, created a new press event with no conditions but selected Delayed Fast Repeat activation. Is that correct? Same for nose down. If that's correct, its seems faster on the trim wheel than it was before, but it is still not as fast as using the Alpha Yoke trim button up and down which really turn the wheel fast. 3. Increase / Decrease knob. Is it possible to change the Delayed Fast Repeat activation depending on which function is set? The new profile works great to turn the heading bug more quickly when in heading mode, but fast repeat is too fast when using VS mode and changing the altitude feet per minute increase or decrease. It would be better to turn off repeat for that mode. 4. GPSS Steering- need to program so that when you push the Nav button a second time, GPSS Steering is activated. I have no idea how to do this. 5. Using the Increase/Decrease to change the Altimeter setting. Since I don't think that the C172 uses ALT mode on the left turn knob, it would be great to set this so that when the left knob is in ALT the right increase/decrease knob changes the barometric pressure-- 2992, etc. 6. Turn off landing gear LED lights. Since C172 doesn't have retractable gear, we don't need those lights. Of course, all of this would be saved to a new Profile which I named Cessna 172 Steam. Thanks for all the hard work on this! Regards, Scott
  5. Your instructions for the new V2.1 say to uninstall V2.0, but there is no description of how to do that. Please advise. Thanks! Scott
  6. What will be the version number for the new windows XPlane release scheduled for this upcoming week? Thanks!
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