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  1. Yes, that is exactly how I also experienced it. Turning on and directly off the anti-ice did something regarding the ideal n1 thrust on the ground... Lets see if update changed something
  2. Thanks Tony, sadly no feedback from AS has been given.. Not even the information that they are investigating this issue. I'll try your sensetivity curve later this day and report back
  3. @Mathijs Kok or @Hans Hartmann will you investigate this issue? As more and more people report this, I doubt this is a very niche issue.
  4. Yea that is what I mean. Sometimes the idle thrust is not set correctly although the thrust in the cockpit is set to idle at all times.
  5. I have the same issue but not that extrem. But I also see that the TCA is very sensetiv, leading to imblanced thrusts on both engines. I currently have a linear sensitivity setup.. But have not got any response from AS what config is recommended... Have you calibrated the throttle in the EFB?
  6. Thanks for your feedback Hans. Then I guess my problem is that this higher N1 is not set back to around 21% when being back on the ground. I just landed and put the thrust back to idle and now my idle power (back on the same airport with same clear skies weather) is at around 40%. So my aircraft is taxing unless I keep the breaks under pressure When I increase the thrust in the cockpit with the mouse and then set it back to idle with the mouse, then the engines spool down. But giving this signal only from the TCA will not cut thrust back to idle. Meaning that idle from the TCA is always to around 40% then... Edit: What I noticed: Setting the thrust to idle on the ground by using the mouse --> N1 will be 21% in normal idle. As soon as I touch the TCA, the TCA will controll the throttle and increase it to 40% although in the virtual cockpit the throttle is still in the idle detent Edit2: After a few 10-30seconds it is working properly... So I can now control the thrust as I could before departing where idle on TCA = 21% N1. So maybe I need a little bit of tweaking the values in the calibration.. My workaround is to increase and decrease the TCA regulary until it properly idles the engine
  7. Hi guys, first of all: This is not the problem that most of us have regarding the throttle not being detected by the CRJ. I have the throttle working using the correct axis and the detents are correctly calibrated using the EFB. Also I check the detents on my TCA are matching the ingame position of the throttle so that is good news. Now to my issue: One the ground before departing everything is fine. The detents do what they should --> Max thrust to max thrust, climb to climb power, idle to idle (around 21% N1). Thats fine. What I noticed when airbone that idle power only cuts the thrust of the engines to around 33% N1 you cant get any lower. Please check the screenshot, you can see that my TCA and cockpit throttle are still synced up (both in idle detent) but the engine does not spool further down. Has that something to do that the CRJ is still in CRZ mode and protects the engines to go any lower? Thanks for your feedback. PS: Is there also a recommended configf for setting up the sensetivity of the TCA? I am just using a linear setup in the MSFS configs for both throttle axis.
  8. I also have this nosedive issue...ILS were not a problem in the FBW320NX and the WT CJ4 on the same MSFS version. So I dont know if that is really the simulator which is causing the ILS issues..
  9. Yea that a good description I'd also use. Never been to a CRJ cockpit, and if this is the sound pilots have to hear I am sorry for them. If it's realistic it should stay this way, but as I heard the sound I was wondering if I somehow clicked somewhere to open a window in the cockpit... An optional sound slider in the EFB would be a greate solution for those who do not like that.
  10. As told several times here on the forum. Change the control axis of the throttle to THROTTLE 1 AXIS and THROTTLE 2 AXIS. instead of THROTTLE 1 AXIS (0 TO100%) and THROTTLE 2 AXIS (0 TO100%)
  11. yea yours seems off. Which quadrant are you using?
  12. My idle is around -7600 sure your idle is zero?
  13. i guess this is a TCA issue, but I have both throttles on my TCA on the same "amount" but in the efb the values differ by around 200 input units.. Resulting to a imbalance in thrust.. Anyone also having this issue, that the tca is too sensetiv?
  14. I guess the jet should be ready for VATSIM? Or is the simulator somehow limiting the FMC like blocking Directs and so on? I know that much was broken by the last Sim Update to the FBW mod, but I guess that it is related to being a mod on a default aircraft instead of a standalone installation
  15. Hasn't MSFS been also released on a Tuesday? What time was that? Maybe CRJ will be available the same time at it was with MSFS on Aug 18th
  16. You think so? I think his work will not be boring or over for the next upcoming days/weeks. Fixing bugs, improve and so on
  17. Same here, mate... I know that I have to work until 16z so I can not fly until then, but I still check the forum way too regulary for updates
  18. Thanks for all the interaction over the last weeks and months @Mathijs Kok and team. Really killed the waiting time by always getting latest information. Also thanks to @TheDude I've watched the whole series but bet I'll have to come back to it to review certain items.
  19. Has it been teased which liveries are included?
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