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  1. Hello everyone, please correct me if am wrong but is it possible thatthere is data missing on the fuel management subpage(s) in the FMS ? There are no Information on for ex Time to Rsv and Range to Rsv etc. >> in the tutorials from the Dude he mentioned that this would be discussed on a later flight- and in the oprating manual these lines are also blank. Just asking as I said........ Cheers Philipp
  2. ... well as mentioned before this issue has NOT been fixed by latest patch.... Cheers Philipp
  3. Hi everyone - as posted in another thread some time ago my issue regarding the throttle has not been rsolved with the latest patch. I am using the Thrustmaster T1600 M - it seems to have been improved but not quite theer yet- change on the throttle is reflected buatifully smooth and 1:1 accurate in terms of visual movement- but in terms of aircarft behavour the flight starts getting bumpy ( nose oszillating up and down) for some seconds and then returns to "normal".... Have tried everything to be found on the the net in terms of calibration etc. Cheers Phil
  4. Hello there, not sure if still of value but I have the same issue - having tested WITh and WITHOUT FSUIPC >> no difference; I do however notice it happening more often during Approach Phase ( 8 / 10 incidences) Cheers Philipp
  5. Yep - for my part I have tried everything ( even the hint assigning the Throttle to Axis 1 and Axis 2 in the MSFS Menue) . Interesting however is that the lever directly on the Joystich itself ( T1600 M) works flawless. Same is with the XBox Controller- smooth as butter. Well - so the cookie crumbles- just have to wait... I am more than happy with the rest !!!! Cheers
  6. Hi, I think we are discussing this issue already a couple of posts upwards "Erratic Throttle Control w/ T.1600m?" >> have the same issue- hopefully will be fixed in near future - have tried all tutorials / work arounds to be found in the Inet already- nothing. Cheers Philipp
  7. Hi, have experienced the same issue- and worked through all solution ( suggestions...) I could find on the Inet. Halfway glad that this is a known issue and will hopefully be adressed by some patch in future- halfway dissapointed of course. Funny that the simple thrust lever directly on the joystick works smooth like butter- its only the throttle quadrant of the T1600M that causes trouble. Okay will wait then until patch comes out. Cheers Philipp
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