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  1. @Mathijs Kok Is the PMS50 GTN750 being considered for integration?
  2. @TheInternetLad I wonder if the clicking you hear is the same as mine - which in my case is the prop lever tapping against the feather gate due to noise in my throttle quadrant HW. I just move my prop levers a fraction, so that they're just off the gate, and the tapping/clicks stop. wrt everything else on sounds - I'm in complete agreement with the sentiments in this thread - that the sound various volumes & lack of mixing are spoiling this aircraft.
  3. I also just updated to I think the sound samples representing the different phases of the engine are excellent. I can hear a change following the update. I hear most engine sound phase volumes reduced, plus an improvement to the sound transitions as the engines change phase. But for me, the engine start motor whine is still extremely loud compared with the other engine sounds (from the cockpit). Has this sound not been reduced in volume, whereas the others have? And although I hear smoother transitions, typically I would say that the sound representing the phase you're transitioning away from, always ends too abruptly, rather than fades and becomes drowned by the next sound.
  4. @YetiAir You can add your own model matching to VATSIM. It's in the vpilot settings. As long as they connect with an appropriate aircraft ICAO code, then this mechansim will show their aircraft as the models you decide based on what is installed on your system. Here's the file I use...vpilot-rules.vmrvpilot-rules.vmrvpilot-rules.vmr
  5. Add me to the list. Way too loud (compared to all my other aircraft), and all transitions are way too harsh.
  6. Wondering what people think about the MSFS CRJ sounds? Just got the SWS Kodiak, the sounds are awesome. I've been flying the A32NX, the sounds are very good. I also fly the Just Flight Turbo Arrow, the sounds in there are excellent too. I feel the CRJ soundset is lacking a little. No vibrations or rattling while taxiing, no noticeable ground roll on TO & Land. I'm hoping there's updates coming that fix sounds as well as bugs, radars etc..
  7. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/poll-nvidia-497-09-experience/478112
  8. Thanks @taw1962 In between my ealier post, and because @Mathijs Kok had mentioned drivers, I did the very same thing, with the very same result... I rolled back to 496.76 and we're back in business.
  9. My apologies. I tried to list that in my post when I said ST
  10. Hi folks, @Mathijs Kok I'm another ST user that also has CTD at some airports about 2/3 or 3/4 through loading. I experience this issue at Nice (LFMN) WUIV for example, but not Manchester (EGCC) default. I reinstalled the entire MSFS overnight last night. Only ST is installed. No other 3rd party content in either the Community or OneStore folders. Only MS/Asobo content in the OneStore folder. If I uninstall ST I see no loading issues. i7, 3.6GHz, 32GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070, Win 11, MSFS, ST @Mathijs Kok I did get an Nvidia driver update recently. In your comment re drivers, is that related to repaints of default aircraft or a separate issue? Either way - how does that relate to my experience that I only see this issue with ST installed. ps - sometimes the symptom is a CTD while loading, sometimes it hangs at ~2/3 through loading - like previous forum posts prior to Nov-19. pps - I'm happy to help debug in any way that I can.
  11. Hi This is good news, that it's a known issue. I have experienced this before and after SU5 too. Do you have a link to the MS zendesk thread so I can follow this issue? Thanks
  12. Hello Aerosoft. I just updated to MSFS CRJ I notice that when I select ATC 1 or 2 that vpilot does not set Mode C. I also notice that if I monitor RTU 1 & 2 on the captains side, that the mic selector does not switch the open mic channel on vpilot. Please can these be fixed? Thanks Paul
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