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  1. Chris, if you're going for a new HD and not an SSD, I would advise, if money will stretch, to consider the 10,000rpm Velociraptor.
  2. Oh, of course it is Do these motherboards have the function to OC from a specific GUI on the desktop? I have seen something like this on Youtube, where OC is simply a matter of tweaking sliders? Or am I way off?
  3. Cheers Konrad, that has always been my fear. I think you're right. I will wait on your advice and see what the new year has to offer. What is UEFI Konrad?
  4. Hey Chris, that sounds like a fantastic price!! Obviously the way to go. I should have done more homework, I just assumed that kind of rig would have been out of your suggested £700 budget. It looks so tempting I may well take your lead.
  5. I'm leaving this thread as it's got boring. I respectfully suggest you do the same Simon and go and write a book on philosophy.
  6. I personally would like to see in a forthcoming patch either losing this feature, which is probably unthinkable to some, or better to have the ability to somehow monitor it or switch it off by choice.
  7. Hi Chris, if you can go for the 2600K then go for it. If you decide to stick with the i7 you need to have three sticks of RAM as it is triple channel. ie 3 x 2 Gb 1600Mhz. As for a CPU cooler I can THOROUGHLY recommend the hyper 212 plus, it is excellent and amazingly well priced.
  8. Konrad, I'm looking at upgrading. I have the i7 950, I guess if I go for the 2600K I will need a new MB. Is this the case? Also, from what you say, am I right in assuming that the new 2600K is dual channel and that is why you recommend 2 x 4Gb?
  9. Hey Tiger, I think with respect you misunderstood my reply. I was not slagging Simon off, I was merely hoping to draw his attention to his own shortcomings. If someone points out certain unpleasant characteristics about myself, I would go out of my way to ask myself some hard questions and change my attitude. Please read my post, in particular my intial experience with Simon. Anyway, I'm not the kind of guy to get into fisty cuffs with people who have a bad attitude. However, I will stand up to a bully to protect someone who I think doesn't deserve to be berated. I appreciate your post Tiger. It's possible to be intolerant and at the same time be pleasant and courtious.
  10. You're right guys. In my opinion it is one of the finest GAs out there. But there is a lot to learn to become fluent with it's little oddities.
  11. Glad to help. You're right about the PSU, if I were you, it may be worth pushing out for an 850W, not necesary for what is here but it will help at any time should you need to upgrade stuff. It would be adviseable to check out the newer sandy bridge CPUs also.
  12. Hi Jwam, I have the Aerosoft Discus also, and like you have found it a great addon. Sure, I have found a drop in frames but as I'm sure you know, that is only to be expected with any add on aircraft. As for the stutters, that's a little more difficult. There is one problem I have encountered with terrible stutters and that is nothing to do with the glider but with a third part add on called Cumuls X. This is a small free program which reproduces thermal activity, and does it pretty well. So, unless you have that installed, I'm afraid i'm not quite sure what could be causing your problem. I think I am correct in saying that the aircraft comes also with a free add on Winch, this is a third party add on so it may be worth disabling this and having a test flight. Cheers.
  13. I'm surprised that Mathijs has not locked this. I will not get into a tit for tat argument Simon, but I feel I will add my money's worth. I have only been simming seriously for a period of just over a year. During that time I have spent every single day flying, learning and chatting on forums. My first experience of a forum was here. A newbie without the knowledge of forum protocol or indeed any deep knowledge of simming. My first post was replied to by yourself. It was curt and unnecessarily aggressive in it's tone. My initial thoughts were, "I'd better stay away from here if these are the kind of morons dishing out so called friendly advice." Not long after, I read another reply from a newbie who was asking for some friendly help. You were downright bloody rude, aggressive and completely out of line with him. To the point where I actually felt very sorry for the guy. I won't slag you off, as that is not my way, but I will share in pointing out some of the more unpleasant characteristics that you appear to possess. A forum is for everyone, so unless you want to squirrel yourself off in a corner somewhere and chat to only the godly experts whose opinions you share, I respectfully suggest you add tolerance and understanding to your repertoire of characteristics. We all have to learn and I know it can sometimes be a drag reading the same old questions, but for god's sake, with all the problems in the world you need to put things in perspective and get a life. EDIT: It's a shame, because when you do show a small element of generosity with your knowledge it is both very interesting and helpful.
  14. Hi Chris, I did make a bit of a booboo in my lasat reply as I had forgotten that the Macs can now run Virtual windows. Anyway, I think the bottom line is if you really want decent performance from FSX, using the latest add ons, you have got to pay for it. I would suggest you would have to get the i7 and also upgrade the GPU, so once you have done that, you could have got a reasonable PC. Here are some costs of components similar to mine. But of course prices are now dropping because of the introduction of the newer CPUs. i7 950 3.06Ghz (very overclockable) : £200 Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R motherboard: £125 1 x Samsung 1TB Sata hard drive: £45 GTX 470 1Gb GPU: £180 6Gb DDR3 ram 2x3 Mushkin: £125 Corsair 650W TX series PSU: £75 CD drive: £20 Tower case: £40 Total: £810 You could get cheaper components, I'm sure, but these were just the first I lay my hands on.
  15. Hi Chris, I have no direct experience running a Mac, although working with Photoshop every day I have been very close to getting myself one. The main reason being the total integration of the OS and the hardware. There's a lot to be said for the builder of a computer to be running their own OS. Of course pound for pound, Macs are said to be faster machines than PC's, although I question whether that is still the case these days. There is of course the build quality and aesthetics of a Mac, which IMO shouldn't be overlooked. However, on the downside, and I can only offer my own opinion here and provide you with some food for thought. Firstly there's the cost of buying a Mac, they are more expensive than a PC for a comparable performance machine. Then there's the cost of upgradeablity of a Mac compared with a PC and I'm unsure whther it is as easy, don't know, but I suspect it is easier to upgrade a PC than a Mac, no doubt someone will have an opinion on that one. A big concern for me would be the availability of add ons for a Mac, I would suggest you do some research and see whether sceneries and aircraft from different publishers are available in the Mac OS. Depending on how you run FSX you must remember that most people will be running FSX on PC's, and this is a big one for me, because being on the forums and interacting with guys around the forums and asking advice about OSs and hardware and soforth, is a very big part of my hobby. If you run a MAC I would ask whether you would not feel a little on the outside of the party? Certainly getting advice on forums about anything to do with a MAC is going to be restrictive for obvious reasons. The biggest consideration I would suggest you ask yourself is, how much you want to spend and how much performance you can achieve running FSX by spending that amount. I believe if you do that, by getting lots of advice around the forum, then you will likely be better off getting a PC
  16. Jay, Otto is of course absolutely correct. Your system is pretty tame. However, your post was related to a comparison with the default A321 running at an average of 30 frames, I believe that running the Airbus at a 50% reduction in performance (15 frames) which was your question, is probably reaslistic. That said, I would suggest that you seriously consider a hardware upgrade if at all possible
  17. Hi Jay, you should have no problems, but your system specs are pretty tame to run FSX. I have the Airbus X and framewise it sits inbetween the PMDG 737 NGX and the default 737. The Airbus X has very good frames, considering the functionality and the high resolution textures of the aircraft. If you don't get the frames to give you a reasonable performance, and I'm talking about smoothness not just framerates, then reduce the sliders.
  18. Hi Buzzard, I have Austria X and Innsbruck Mega airport, GEX Europe and UTX Europe, no problems whatsoever. Just place the aiprort above UTX, GEX and Austria X in the scenery files in the library.
  19. Try placing the scenery at the top of your scenery library....
  20. I've experienced exactly the same issue and have found it very frustrating. What I don't understand is, even after landing for ten minutes I still have found it impossible to get the engine performing correctly. I know it is finger trouble, well I hope it is, but nevertheless would like to discover the correct procedures. I have understood it to be more a case of high humidity rather than temperature. Is this wrong?
  21. You can download the initial free credit pack from the Aerosoft website. it has a couple of credits you can try out at specific airports. After that you have to purchase how many you need.
  22. I've heard or FlyTampa but never really investigated their scenries as I have always been an Orbx and Aerosoft man.... B****R me!!! What have I been missing!!! Unbelievable scenery. I am off to buy Athens now. Although I love the Aerosoft scenery I am continuing to build my collection of European airports. Athens will be first on the list from FlyTampa. Nice one guys... EDIT: I have just flown around the airport five minutes ago!! Blimey, I am so impressed with this scenery. In particular the framerates. i will be buying further sceneries as soon as I have got some more dosh!
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