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  1. For some reason the last couple of times I've flown both into and out of Gibraltar, the rock appears wrong. Any ideas fellas? thanks... BTW I have checked the position of Gib in the library and it is above both UTX and GEX Europe, also the mesh is correct...
  2. Nope, mesh settings are as they have always been...
  4. Come on fellas, let's get out hands on LEMG!
  5. While truelz statement regarding a fee of $499 is true, he has avoided pointing out that P3D is in fact accessible to any simmer at, I think about $9.99 a month. You simply register as an individual developer. Which runs at about £72 a year!
  6. The worst thing anyone can do with FSX is have some strange preconception of what they expect from the sim, without actually understanding anything about it. With respect, why on earth would you want to run FSX at 50 frames anyway? As has already been said, if you find a PC that runs FSX at those framerates with all sliders full , then let me know
  7. Yes I did! And yes I have ignored it too! Thanks again for your help CoolP
  8. A happy new year to you too my friend. Thanks for taking the time in explaining things for me, very much appreciated. I have now downloaded Linda off the back of your recommendation and I'm in the throws of setting it up. Although I have a feeling I may call on your good nature in the form of the odd question!
  9. Cheers mate. How do I go on with having FSUIPC will it work in conjunction with?
  10. I haven't looked back since getting FSUIPC about three months ago. However, for some reason and it may well be finger trouble, I am unable to allocate controls to the Kat. I can allocate auto start and auto cutoff, but no way can I operate flaps, carb heat or prop through FSUIPC, although I can operate parking brake (?) To be fair, I haven't gone beyond these functions at the moment, because these are the main controls I want to sort out initially. I have tried all manner of ways, using the dedicated options in FSUIPC which relate directly to the Kat, through to using the standard options too. It is really annoying as I love this bird so much and yet I'm not flying it quite so much at the moment due to this frustrating issue. I have searched the forum but with little success. As I said, it may well be finger trouble but either way if someone could offer some advice I'd be garteful, cheers fellas.
  11. You beat me to it! I too would like to thank Mathijs and everyone at Aerosoft for the very kind gift and also wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year
  12. Ah, good point _P, I hadn't thought about that I'll check that out later. I have a feeling it's assigned to the 2d view in the NGX...
  13. Hi Oli, sure, I understand about the pushback, I guess that is logical. As for the window freezing, maybe it was a one off event. I will keep an eye on things in the future. Thanks
  14. I have just purchased 20 credits and installed most of my airports with AES 2.20a. Howevr, the first time I ran AES I found several issues, the first being a freeze of the pop up info window with the list of actions. No matter how many times I hit both F10 or F12 I could not get rid of it. This was extremely frustrating as I had to cancel my flight after a 30 minute preflight! The other issue was during pushback the NGX was pushed dirtectly into the side of a taxiing 747! I also saw a service vehicle driving through the side of the NGX also. Oli, or anyone could you please offer some advice, thanks.
  15. I seem to have sorted it Oli. I reinstalled 2.20a and that has done the trick. Thanks for all your help.
  16. Hi Oli, sure everything is as it should be. Airport vehicles set to 0 with the relevent doors assigned. I have just installed version 2.20.... Fix 1? Is that installed after 1.20 or is it included?
  17. Hi Oli, sure that sounds logical. Hey, I've just fired things up and am a little bemused. I have configured the NGX with one cargo vehicle and two air stairs. I have ended up with two cargo vehicles and three airstairs, each driving into one another. When I call for the catering vehicle, which arrive as two, they drive through the passenger bus. When the airstairs backup they the drive through the two buses!! Any ideas? There appears to be too many vehicles.... EDIT; Just tried it at Corfu airport and it is the same. Three airstairs, with the front two jockeying for position and two catering vans that collide as they both go to the front of the aircraft!
  18. Sure, that's cool, Thanks fellas, I'll do that straight away and start experimenting with Oli's AES! EDIT: Quick question... what kind of framerate hit if any can I expect with AES?
  19. Hi Oli, I have only just recently started using AES and have to say I'm pretty impressed. However, I am a little confused. As I understand, there are a number of UKscenery2000 airports covered with Aerosoft's AES but UKscenery2000 have their own AES. I noticed when parked at gate 1 at EGGD there seemed to be a load of service vehicles arguing for the same spot! Does this mean there is a conflict, or I simply need to move my aircraft to a gate not covered by UKscenery's AES? Thanks for the product and I look forward to your reply.
  20. Sure, I can't answer that as I have no experience of FS9
  21. Hiya, sure, but bearing in mind any programs, regardless of what they are, will impact to some degree no matter how little. As for a MB I cannot recommend one in particular, only to say I have an Asus P8Z68-V. Asus are one of the favourites among guys and have a history of building excellent boards. I have to say that I have been very happy with my prebuilt, OC system that I have had for about three weeks now, from OCUK. The thing to always remember is to focus on good quality hardware, made by some of the well known brands. The best thing is to Google some of your hardware 'likes' and make a list and work out a price. Then post your list on here and ask for final advice before parting with any cash.
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