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  1. I agree, they are a pain in the proverbial B****! I too have found I have switched them all off at 90% of my airports, but as has been said, it would be nice to have a small amount instead of it looking like Piccadilly Circus on a bank holiday Monday
  2. Hi Alex, the only other scenery I have installed is GEX and UTX...
  3. There are also a couple on the actual runway too! Help would be appreciated, thanks...
  4. Blimey Mathjis, that was quick! Very much appreciated, thanks.
  5. Unlike Cumulus X, FSX does not provide the option of flying in ridge lift, as it simply is not generated. However, if you tick the thermal box (in scenery I think) it generates useable thermals randomly. However, they are not very realistic and simply provide you with lift up to a rediculous altitude. Once, before discovering Cumulus X, I climbed in one of the FSX thermals up to about 20,000' before getting bored!
  6. Sure, renaming the cfg. is in fact making a backup..
  7. Brilliant, 'cos it really is a fun little gem to fly!
  8. Hey Mathjis, what can I say. A lovely gift, thanks very much, I really enjoy this little gem. However, unsure whether it's my download or something, but the compass appears to be incorrect on my model. It shows a complete opposite readout, ie. in a 180 direction, if I turn left towards SE it reads out 225 degrees! Any ideas?
  9. So basically Aerosoft has produced a substandard product and not provided an update for what appears to be a known problem...great.
  10. Oh yes, I discovered that yesterday. I ended up having to ditch into the drink 10 miles shoty of Ketchikan! She's fast becoming the best $20 dollars I've spent for a long time.
  11. You're a gem Matt, thanks a lot matey.
  12. Hi Guenseli, sure, the problem still exists without LINDA being used. I have checked FSUIPC and FSX control for duplicated assignments but I can't see any. However, what I have discovered is that if I start the DC3 with engines running and then swap aircraft, then it's fine... Maybe as Matt suggested, it's incorrect start up procedure. Either way, I will persevere with RTFM and if need be, I have a very simple work around. Thanks for your help fellas.
  13. Hmm, not sure it's as simple as that. I can be on the ground, start the engines, change to an external view, the engines dies, change back to the VC and look out of the window and the prop is running again!?
  14. Cheers Matt, then in that case no great sweat. The only thing I have a problem with at the moment is this darn left engine cutting out when I switch views. It's not a double entry in the FSX controls or anything like that. I've checked FSUIPC with no obvious cause. It prevents me from actually flying! Any ideas 'me ol chum?
  15. Hmm, well the LINDA situation appears to now be resolved, it was down to having to delete a lua script in the modules folder. However, I notice when I move to an external view, the left engine suddenly dies!!?? Could this be something to do with FSCategories.xml? I don't have a problem with any other addon, so I find it difficult to understand how it can be FSX and not this particular aircraft. Any help and guidance appreciated...
  16. Thanks for the reply Mathijs, but what exactly does this mean? Why is there an error message and what do I have to do to correct the problem? Thanks... BTW: I need to add that apart from the actual stick and throttle on my Warthog, none of the associated switches work either.
  17. I've just got the Aerosoft Catalina, which incidentally looks like a lot of fun. However, for some reason, it is not being recognised by LINDA running a VRinsight switch panel, and it shows a LUA error in the gui. Also, there was an error message that popped up directly on completion of the Catalina installation, unsure whether it has any relevance. If someone could please help with this I'd be grateful, cheers fellas. I see there is another thread with a similar issue but which has not been resolved. I have no other issue AT ALL with any other aircraft, with installations or running with LINDA. It has been installed twice, with of course UAC switched off. I suspect the installation error is somehow directly associated with the LINDA failure. BTW, I hope the absense of a reply to a previous post with this same issue does not offer any clues to the outcome of this problem. Here are a couple of screen captures that I hope will help...
  18. In addition, I'd suggest uninstalling any drivers you may have installed for the controller and trying without.
  19. OK fellas, here's my offering of the infamous Realair turbine Duke, somewhere over the Central Rocky Mountains.
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