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  1. Hello Due to the LED problems encountered on my Trhottel Quadrant, it was due to a manufacturing defect (Led polarities inversion during assembly). Now that I have a brand new and operational Trhottel, I would like to know why a big manufacturer like HoneyComb, cannot provide more configuartions, so that we can be in control of our planes faster? We are not all programmers, and I admit that it is not easy to find among Datarefs and Commands the right options to configure our controllers. Although many offer us configs for such or such aircraft, there are sometimes often commands not recognized by XPLANE or not planned. I thank you for your possible feedback on this subject which concerns me on a lot of people using these controllers. Philippe B
  2. Hello Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately this is the configuration supplied with Honeycomb. The LED system works as follows: AU Thottel plugging in LED N green weak XPLANE started and device loaded LEDS L and R lit but N very weak Landing gear retraction 3 RED LEDS then in retracted position Let R LEDs Green but N green very weak. Deployment of 3 red LEDs again then once the cycle is completed GREEN L and R LEDs but very weak green LED N. Anyway the LED N is always very weak once the Throttell is connected to the PC via USB. Do you know if other users encounter this phenomenon? Best regards Philippe B
  3. Hello, Excuse me I translate into English via Google Translator being French I wanted to thank you for your tutorials and advice that I translated into French in order to familiarize myself with the Honeycomb Throttle Quadrant that I have just acquired. I followed your tutorial concerning the LEDS display for the landing gear. Here is my concern: When the Quadrant is switched on, the N LED is on green, but very weak. I then launch X-Plane 11 and after starting the software this same LED (N) remains very weak green. After flight, I retract the landing gear and the process realizes the passage of the LEDS (L, N, R) in red then after the total retraction the LED N becomes very weak green again. My question: The Throttle Quadrant has a design flaw with the N LED, or is there a menu that will allow you to do as in reality? to know AT start-up after and ignition BATTERY contact 3 green LEDs if ignition on, gear out then after take-off and after retraction of the wheels no longer any LEDs lit as in the cockpit of the BARON 58 Beechcraft. Not being a programmer, but a Grandpa who plays Pilot, I thank all the goodwill that would have the solution, if it is possible or achievable. Looking forward to your feedback, Best regards Philippe B
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