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  1. I have been flying today with this update and the Windsound was extremely annoying. I was looking everywhere in my cockpit for thing I could have done wrong or doors I might have left opened and then I found out that it’s tied to the speed of the Wind and the direction. So if you can’t hear it, make sure all your sounds in the MSFS sound Settings are on 100. Then while flying play around with the weather. Set a wind-layer to your altitude, max the KT of the Wind and make sure the Wind is pointing directly at your nose. And I‘m pretty sure you will get what we mean. Of course a fix would be to either lower the environmental volume or to delete the wind layer but then it’s not live weather anymore. and of course your experts might have tested the wind sound, but did they test it with a maxed out headwind and the volume full up? If you want to leave the wind sounds like they are, fair enough, but pls give us different sliders within the EFB for different sounds, therefore everyone can set the sound they are happy with and nobody need to complain anymore.
  2. @Mathis Krajewicz That's the one thing the market lacks of, a study-level business jet with a large cabin. Also, Aerosoft has a great base for Challenger or Globals as they use a Honeywell and Collins Vision cockpit which is also seen in the CRJ. @Mathijs Kok I think there are many people who would love to see any of the above business jets in MSFS2020. What is your opinion on this? Would you Suggest this to the right people? I personally would love to see a Bombardier Global Express in the sim and not hesitate when it is ready to buy.
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