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  1. good morning everyone I apologize if I disturb Since after the update I find myself in trouble with the SIDs, especially I noticed it on the LIMC airport Starting from runway 35R the aircraft obviously gives me vector points that I should perform in HDG (see first photo), but already there it does not coincide with the route it should take If I then decide to delete the points in HDG and give them the first route point directly, the situation becomes more complicated I've tried several SIDs but nothing He never did it to me and I almost always left from the same airport
  2. Good evening everyone. I am writing to you because with some friends we encountered a problem on the Vnav If the flight plan is imported from simbrief, the vnav system does not work or rather it does not go up or down as it should. While I had a friend of mine test this by entering the flight plan from the aircraft and the Vnav worked until it hooked up ILS I would like to know what am I wrong
  3. good evening I wanted to inform you that he deleted all the crj files even those in the simulator folder and re-installed the aircraft by downloading it from the main site The problem if solved. Even if to date I have not yet understood what has happened for now by doing this procedure everything works I do not know but to explain to me why it seems that traces of version 1.0.5 have remained. Thank you all
  4. good evening, Unfortunately the video is too big to shoot but I can send you 2 photos both photos are of the same flight plan the anomalous thing is that the aircraft arrives on limc and engages the gs but does not start the descent and after passing the airport it goes into hold and it is no longer possible to remove it unless a landing strip is re-inserted Even re-entering the landing strip, the aircraft plants itself at an altitude of 3000 or 2500 and does not descend vertically following the path. I tried to make him do all the tests that came to my mind but nothing I can not understand why he engages the GS but the descent is not activated
  5. for the video there are no problems I try to make him do it in a way that he can have it as soon as possible. Airports there is not a specific one I made him try on various airports As for who has happened, I tell you directly to him, it always happens to others, apart from a stability problem in the descent phase that tends to jump, and it happened only once to me and once to another friend but on a tide of flights made
  6. Hello, I disturb you for information on the ILS A friend of mine in a group flying to problems with the crj and ils We have tried several times to make flights the system hooks both the LOC and the GS but once the aircraft is hooked there is no way to make it descend, it settles at the coupling altitude and remains there and we cannot understand why it does so. I state that I have been flying for a long time and ILS works well for me, it arrives on the GS coupling and starts to descend Can you help me please We have tried various airports but the version of the aircraft and the new one are not, so I don't know what to do anymore Thank you
  7. hello yes they are already active but this screen appears and I stop them. if you tell me it is better that I do a clean installation of the crj there are no problems I can do it
  8. good evening I apologize if I interfere but I think it is the right topic. Is the update already available with the Aerosoft updater app? The app tells me it's there but doesn't let me download anything
  9. Thanks for the communication I had already read it but I still wanted to report it to you since I do not know what has been reported or not
  10. good evening I wanted to report that I have done several tests and I realized that if I press the FIX button on the NCDU, the aircraft stops completely
  11. good evening I wanted to inform you that both me and two of my friends have problems importing the performans from the tablet to the MCDU. When we do this the aircraft crashes completely
  12. thanks to both for the clarification it is very useful to me thanks for the help
  13. good evening everyone. I apologize if the question has already been asked but I can't find anything so I ask you When planning flights on the crj I often find myself various points enclosed in brackets such as (vector) these points are not read by the autopilot and normally I have to delete them. The problem arises on the approach routes to airports where there are holding companies to do and many times, removing the aforementioned points, the aircraft goes into a casino. I wanted to know if this is my or database error or what is due and if there is a way to fix it Thank you
  14. Hi, I really don't know why he behaves like this I don't think he only wants the previous one since 1950 would not be correct
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