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  1. thanks to both for the clarification it is very useful to me thanks for the help
  2. good evening everyone. I apologize if the question has already been asked but I can't find anything so I ask you When planning flights on the crj I often find myself various points enclosed in brackets such as (vector) these points are not read by the autopilot and normally I have to delete them. The problem arises on the approach routes to airports where there are holding companies to do and many times, removing the aforementioned points, the aircraft goes into a casino. I wanted to know if this is my or database error or what is due and if there is a way to fix it Thank you
  3. Hi, I really don't know why he behaves like this I don't think he only wants the previous one since 1950 would not be correct
  4. Hello and thanks for the reply. But the discrepancy between the aircraft tablet and NCDU is very strange if I would like to enter the flight plan manually without a tablet becomes problematic for the weights and the rest of the data. question but this discrepancy is normal, am I wrong with some calculations?
  5. good evening everyone. This serqa I noticed a problem with cargo weights the crj700 mail as cargo 2438 but the doubt came to me between simbrief the tablet and ncdu. In the sense that in simbrief by downloading the profile I found in this forum it allows me to enter up to 8.5 in cargo. On the ncdu I can manually enter only 1950 (I attach photos) While from the tablet I can enter up to the correct value of 2438. I wanted to try to create a correct simbrief profile but I don't know how to manage it given the discrepancy of the values that I can insert in the sail Can anyone help me ?
  6. Hello Thanks for the information I usually fly a lot in manual and also land in manual but it had happened to me a couple of times to use ils also to see how it behaved and everything and I happened on a couple of airports that have some degree of misalignment and I I am wondering if there was the function to compensate or not
  7. Hello everyone, a question related to the ILS I happened to land in airports where ILS is offset by a few degrees from the landing strip. is there the possibility, as in other aircraft, to tell the MCDU the variation in degrees of the runway and any inclination of the runway?
  8. good morning after the last update or encountered a problem with calculations on the travel time with very evident discrepancy on the various panels On the 223NM 0.02 pilot's panel on the list from which there are more than 10 minutes while on the 2 pilot's panel it is not possible to see the navigation data in vnav despite it is active
  9. Hello, I would like to know, if it is possible to update what is involved and what functions have been activated or improved to be able to do some tests Usually you publish it but this time there is no information and I would like to test the aircraft a bit Thank you
  10. Good evening, During a test flight I simulated the loss of power from the motors and the system activated the RAT but after I reactivated the motors and reactivated the generators they were unable to deactivate the RAT The activation of the aforementioned to a very pointed and in the long run also annoying sound Question Is there any procedure to disable once power is restored from the APU or engine?
  11. Good morning I apologize for my English but I have to use a translator to be able to write to you. I ask you if it is possible to write to you in Italian. I recently bought the CRJ for FS2020 and I must say that it was money well spent and the aircraft and splendid compliments. However or encountered some problems probably nothing big but I would like to inform you of my tests. 1) First of all, a discrepancy was found on the engine speeds in the sense that in the internal view of the aircraft it gives them correct while in the external view the system does not have the correct value For example if I bring the engines to maximum outdoors, it gives me the 78%. 2) Another question I have is the loss of power to the onboard computer systems if I accidentally turn off the APU in flight 3) It happened several times to a friend of mine that after take off during the climb both engines shut down despite the throttles being at maximum 4) The worst situation had been in recent days that after a half hour flight if the instrumentation was completely blocked, so much so that after making an emergency landing I found myself doing nothing with the instrumentation blocked in flight 5) I noticed that the weather radar is not working
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