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  1. I wish XP10 can replace fsx and fs9,not P3D.
  2. In early version has CHT rising fast bug,maybe use last 1.03a version can fix your problem.
  3. Oh ok,this condition was first time,if i was happen again i will try it thanks Marcel.
  4. I was happened this strange situation,i got GPS & Nav mechanical & attitude was failures during descent and i was tried reset by circuit breakers but it's not work,and then i used inspection from workshop after landing,now strange is inspection not found any failures.
  5. @Mathijs Ok,i will sent mail,thanks for response.
  6. I was sent e-mail to US site for shipping cost question 3 day ago,still not receive response. Is some wrong with US site mail system?
  7. Is this old katana right? Seem not like made by Marcel.
  8. Did you setup follow with manula?And can post some picture,let us know what kind of situation.
  9. I was not well performance in EGLL,so i thinking has possible remove all traffic from EGLL to get more performance,some other mega airport has traffic function,but i not saw in EGLL.
  10. Strange..i uninstall 1.02 first,then install 1.03,no problem in process.
  11. I was download now,it take a while,seem file more few big 209mb,1.02 is 205mb. If is 1.03,should i uninstall 1.02 first?
  12. I don't know why you so mad,you always thinked i not read another discuss about icing or carb heat,even i was already read about it also i saw you post about icing with humidity chart. And not everyone has aviation or mechanical background,so that's it.
  13. As i saw icing situation in fsx,when temp close to 0C,saw IAS back to 0,altimeter not move,MP&Tachometer slow lose power,as like manual wrote,then can turn on carb icing. In the discussions has 3 pages,i thinks don't need adhere to talke about "search" function.
  14. Few hours ago i ask has PPL friend about carb icing,seem carb icing not big deal(problem). Just if hear like engine has like "Cough"voice mean engine inlet has icing then turn on carb heat can solve it. In addition if see becoming any icing condition can pre-turn on it. Manual i was reading before,but this katana has too much different than other GA in fsx,so i still study other knowledge about fly. Anyway thanks Evans.
  15. So i need turn on carb heat until saw engine power reduction.Thanks you advise for leave icing area and i not have PPL....
  16. If katana can correct entry cold and dark in default flight then i don't need initiation window to select cold dark panel. But in my condition still can not correct entry cold&dark..
  17. Fly in icing condition has rain and temp is between 0 - 3C,but not see any ice on leading wing and engine get normal,should i PRE-turn on carb heat? Or saw engine get some wrong like power reduce then turn on?
  18. So i has high-insurance for myself. This situation is test in snow weather.
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