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  1. Thank you for your feedback. It did a short check of Spad.Next last week and saw the context of LVars and functions. So there is a 14-days trial version available, but I wasn't able to test it so far.
  2. Thank you for your feedback guys. I did some testing and connected the CPFlight Panel via OPUS MSFS Software for now. It brings an integrated support for the Panel to get a connection thru Simconnect. Only the Win Driver and the assignement of the right COM Port is needed. With this config the basic functions of the AP (ALT, IAS, HDG, V/S) can be displayed on the CPFlight MCP. It is also possible to set values for the basic functions. Some controls (turning FD on/off, turning HDG Mode on/off) are working too. The main think is, that I only get it to work with the stock aircraft (tested with 787 and A320). Does not work with the CRJ what could be caused by using own variable for the AP and not the default Vars. Tom
  3. I can't find any informations on programing a DME Arc approach manually with the fms. So can somebody explain how this can be handled. I saw that it is possible use a star, but was not able the input it by hand. Thanks Tom
  4. This topic was closed this week but in the avsim support forum of FS2Crew a statement was posted from Bryan York of FS2Crew. So it was identified and should be fixed shortly. Okay, I see the problem 🙂 We were firing the toe brakes at the end of the pushback. Evidently, in the CRJ, you can't press the tow brakes and set the parking brake at the same time 🙂 In other MSFS planes, this is not an issue. I recall we were firing the toe brakes to prevent the aircraft from rolling backwards or forwards if case you were on a slant. We'll release an update shortly. What's more, another bonus for V2.0, we're going to add a new setting to the Settings Page first that allows you to select a PTT key from the Setting page rather than having to edit the .xml directly. Tom
  5. As mentioned from Bryan York, I did a test with the stock Pushback service and there are no issuses. With the PBE it looks like the tug didn't disconnect from the aircraft when the stop pushback command is said. See my post at the AVSIM forum.
  6. Same here. I am also using voice commands. I looks like the handle can be pulled a bit but goes back the released position. Set the brake is only possible after terminating the PBE process. I remember a post on this topic by Hans but can't find it for now. Edit: Here you can find the topic at the FS2Crew forum: MSFS Aerosoft CRJ - remember to remove the Chocks! - FS2CREW: PUSHBACK EXPRESS - The AVSIM Community Here the post of Bryan York: "Hi Moun, I had a another user report that too. It's like the parking brake handle is forced down. So I spoke to Hans the CRJ aircraft programmer, and he said that he's 99 percent sure it was a binding issue between a hardware assignment and the parking brake control assignment in MSFS. It's a weird one. I can't reproduce it. In the next update, we may just use the CRJ's Lvar for the parking handle instead of using the stock MSFS variable to read the handle's position." Tom
  7. Hi folks, as the title says. Is there a way to connect to CPFlight MCP to use the basic AP functions as HDG, ALT, CRZ, V/S for the CRJ? Not necessarily as output but for setting the AP parameters as input. Thanks Tom
  8. Hold ALT-GR (Right ALT Key) and Left mouse click on the needed Display.
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