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  1. I don't remember which version of the Aerosoft Airbus, but you used to be able to customize your startup state. I would like my APU running and providing power to the a/c and a few other minor things that take time to do. This option has been gone awhile or I am just missing it. Anyplace, I can customize the a/c state? Hopeful John
  2. I it possible to customize the strart-up states? In the earlier FSX version of the bus, it was possible to have the apu running, switches in certain positions, etc and save that state as a custom state/
  3. I am a happy camper with the new bus. Two flights in and everything worked well. First flight was on full autoland and it touched down nicely at KSFO 28R from KDEN. Next flight was EDDF to LFML with a manual landing. Again a good flight. You guys did a good job and thank you for the quick bundle purchase release.
  4. Tim, I am not sure you are the target as many of your posts have been somewhat instructive. But seriously, is a broken nav line a major issue? I would prefer a focus on things such as having the trim in neutral when coming out of autopilot or the tendency to go a little woobley in the last few hundred feet on landing. Of course my pet peeve is those who continue to complain about SIDS and STARs when it was announced early they were not included. No Aerosoft has not quite delivered a great product yet, but I am having fun with it anyway and hope they will solve some of the more pressing issues. I believe it is flyable and can be tamed. Maybe I enjoy this more than my PMDG's which always behave properly.
  5. You guys that spend your time whining bore me. Take the time to fly this aircraft. It is not perfect but presents a different experience than my PMDG and LDS aircraft. I have learned to anticipate what it will do and plan for it. I have learned that you make minor adjustments when in manual landings. I have learned there are a few WOW moments as I descend to the runway. I have tweaked nothing and have an older Q6600 machine with a cheap video card. My landings have become okay with centerline and under 350FPM. You whine, I am flying...
  6. Now that you mention it, it does take a long time. Much longer than any other payware a/c I have.
  7. If you suddenly climb on landing, you are chasing the glideslope that is above you. Wait until the glideslope is only slightly above or level before using the Approach button.
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