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  1. Hello, one small bug for the next update. If the wheel chocks are active the MFD shows always that the parking brake is on. Only with removed wheel chocks the MFD changed the status.
  2. Maybe a deal with Microsoft, that all users get it at the same time.
  3. Hi, I have got a question about programming the wind data from SimBrief into the FMS (CRJ 700). Which data I have to use for climb/cruise and descent wind? Is it enough to enter only for example AVGE WC p003 without any direction. Sorry for the question but I‘m a newbie in this field. The videos from the Dude I have already studied. Maybe someone could help me. Best regards
  4. I also had the same problem in the cruise for two times. At this moment I switched through the different views. When I came back to the cockpit the engine completely goes to shut down. After restart the flightplan data was gone.
  5. Hallo zusammen, ist es denn seitens Aerosoft geplant die German Airports Reihe rauszubringen, wo man mehrere kleine bis mittelgroße Flughäfen in einem Paket erwerben kann? Fand das in der Vergangenheit eigentlich ein sehr interessantes Angebot.
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