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  1. First of all, I appreciate the developers taking a look at every single topic posted here about bugs and irregularities. However I could not find the actual list of problems Aerosoft dev team is working on or eventually planning on correcting/fixing. Many software developers choose to make the bug lists available and have everyone see which bugs will eventually will be fixed. Many of us make posts about bugs here and those get locked by forum admins after saying "it will be looked at". So is there an available list that I'm not aware of or Aerosoft simply chooses not to share which bugs are actually in the agenda to be fixed?
  2. There are many thing going wrong but in this video the aircraft systems are freezing when I try to put approach in the FMS bandicam 2021-03-17 11-10-53-090_Trim.mp4
  3. Okay I'm being very very picky here but seems like these two swtichlights were mixed up. If you read closely, says STOP instead of START and vice versa on the switchlights when not illuminated.
  4. CA and FO side do not switch to InHg utilizing the EFB. But the ISI seems to switch with no problem. Anyone else having same issue?
  5. It works properly when you set Cold and Dark from the EFB. What I reported seems to happen when I shut the aircraft down completely myself then power it up again without utilizing the EFB.
  6. I'm sorry to keep posting but I just noticed another thing. The red checkerboard tape doesn't show up at 230KTS when at Flaps 1, and 185KTS when Flaps 30. Thanks
  7. Correct, but does that mean every input to trim knob (one touch to right for example) is =1 or >1 degree? Also this reference directly from Bombardier (MHI) says it is +/-1.2degree
  8. What I was trying to say is one click to R or L on Rudder Trim knob shouldn't put the rudder out of green range. I will record and submit a video of it being demonstrated in an actual CRJ soon. Thank you!
  9. I agree, Aerosoft CRJ sound is inaccurate.
  10. Pack switchlight simulation is inaccurate. Lower white OFF light of PACK switchlight should come on when PACK is turned OFF and it should be dark when bleed air isn’t supplied into packs but they are pressed in. Amber FAULT only comes on in mechanically abnormal instances.
  11. What you're hearing here is the airflow by the packs, not wind. You only hear wind in CRJ at or above 300IAS in the air. The sound you mostly hear in this video tires speeding up and packs
  12. In initial power up of the aircraft from Cold and Dark, Stab and Mach trim should not be already engaged after turning on the Battery Master switch. Thanks!
  13. Very small green range for aileron and rudder trims. Real CRJ aileron and rudder trim green range is way bigger than what is simulated here. Thanks!
  14. You can also hear the engines, very loud in the sim. You can barely hear the engines in CRJ cockpit (real life). Thrust changes should make dramatic changes to PACK(air) output
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