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  1. I forgot to mention that I only added the CRJ folder to the Windows defender exclusion list. Nothing more. Thats the only difference.
  2. So a little Update to this, this actually worked for me aswell. I did every step this guy mentioned. Do note that when you verify the steam files, it might reinstall the complete sim. (150GB) It did that to me. So I was loading the sim download over night. Once it was finished I started up the sim, grabbed the CRJ into an airport and it loaded totally fine. I did a startup and takeoff with it, everything seemed good. Then I went back to the menu and loaded the other CRJ. That worked aswell. Of course the sim might crash later but I have a feeling that this is not going to happen. This is the first time I was able to load the CRJ without a CTD after starting the sim.
  3. So yesterday evening I decided to reinstall the sim. I left my PC on over night. I have about 20mbit/s. The download is now stuck at 94,29GB (151,26GB total). It doesnt loop but it just stopped there, even though my connection is still going. Does someone know what to do?
  4. I dont have any AV software besides the standard windows defender. I have 8 m files now (by spawning the aircraft with dev mode), and the 3D file is gone. But the sim still crashes.
  5. All good man, your just trying to help. I shouldve thought about it before doing it.
  6. I guess I shouldve known that. But why does dotC have only 30GB to download, when he did the same thing?
  7. Why the does it download 150GB on my side then?? My PC was never so close to be thrown out of the window xD
  8. Well, I did what u did. Starting the sim. 150GB Update. Im so done right now. Dear lord......
  9. Awesome. May you describe how to verify the steam files?
  10. Using the CRJ normally means u start the sim, pick the CRJ and load it into an airport without it crashing?
  11. Once again a report of what worked and what didnt, on my side: Started the sim, loaded a prop plane into EDDK. Taxied 2 mins. Then I changed the aircraft with the developer mode, without going back to menu. First the 700 then the 550. Both spawned and worked completely fine. That was the first time I managed to spawn the 550 btw. I now have all 8 "m"-files in the CRJ folder. The 3D file that Hans mentioned is gone now. After doing this I went back to the main menu and loaded the CRJ700 into EDDK via the world map. That worked aswell. After that I restarted the sim. Again I tried to load the CRJ700 into EDDK. This time the sim crashed in the loadingscreen again. I think all steps are repeatable but it wont load the CRJ into an airport after starting the sim.
  12. Im not sure anymore. I will test this in 40 minutes or so again. As far as I remember this worked only one time with the 700. At that time I already had the m files, because I managed to spawn the CRJ in the air. I spawned in a random prop, taxied for 3mins, back to menu and on the same airport I managed to load the 700. But remember, I think I already had the m files that time.
  13. I think many people said that this works yesterday... It worked for me too one time.
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