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  1. I think this has been the case previously too. Upvote for the issue anyway!
  2. I do understand well that complex aircraft cannot access weather from WASM. That's what it is for now, we liked it or not. But technicalities aside, looking from purely end-user perspective: simple aircrafts now have reasonable weather radar. High-end CRJ does not have any. I hope Aerosoft and Asobo can collaborate to get it done. There is hopefully enough motivation for both parties. It would suck if this technical reason is forever echoed.
  3. It's not visual only if you try to fly without AP.
  4. Seconding. Yesterday during my flight the time to decent (or what ever that is called) stays in 0:03 all the time like in your picture.
  5. No, it's all the time and despite of AoA the AP should always try to aim for FD. Now it doesn't happen.
  6. Like others also pointed out it's clearly in your picture too. Disable AP and follow FD which is downwards. You'll decent...
  7. CRJ completely lost the hold and wondered off... Hopefully most of the information is visible.
  8. Why is AP not following FD in the first place? FD should be the boss and AP simply enable servos or what ever which follow the FD. There should not be separate AP logic. What is the AP exactly doing now? GS. Same vertical difference. AP flew it well but hand flying with FD would not have been possible.
  9. There are several threads about this. FD is completely broken vertically, I don't get it how this can be released. Edit: Not only vertically. AP and FD are somehow completely separate which is unrealistic. AP should follow FD and that's it. Now AP does one thing and FD another. Here is example from a stable turn. FD and AP are not agreeing a one bit what should be done.
  10. Yea, I'm seconding this. First thing I saw when in the air. Edit: It's actually off so bad that you can't hand fly the plane or it will decent on level flight... And not climb as it should. This is bad. Climb Level How was this released, I really can't understand.
  11. Yes! After removing "Throttle Axis" binding and applying both "Throttle 1 axis" and "Throttle 2 axis" I'm able to use CRJ again. But that'll cause issues with other planes? At least if I won't bind also third and fourth axis'. Edit: "Single Axis" doesn't work. It needs to be "Dual Axis". And I have only one axis IRL. Works now with "Single Axis" too. Not sure what just happened.
  12. V1.0.3.0 Update 2 - Changed ETA calculation to base on current UTC time instead of ATD - Fixed NAV frequencies on MCDU Radio Page showing 0.0 after LOC tuned - Fixed Coupled VNAV not initiating descent - Limited range for PFD slip indicator - Limited range for PFD flight director - ETA calculation on MFD DATA FPLN Progress page - ETA calculation on MCDU PERF INIT page 3/3 - Improvements to GPWS mode 3 (altitude loss after takeoff) - Improvements to GPWS mode 5 (below glideslope) - Flaps/Slats EICAS animation corrected - Flaps/Slats exterior model animation corrected - Added custom glide path calculation - Adapted GS Hold to custom GS - Fixed wrong lbs-kg conversion in EFB ZFW input - Removed duplicate PA "Remain Seated" after landing - Added "Low cost carrier" mode for PA and FD announcements (no drinks, no coffee, no sandwiches) - Increased volume for Gear Up/Down sounds inside the cockpit - VNAV improvements. Better handling of intermediate level offs - Fixed EFB ZFW input - Fixed transparency issue with CRJ-550/700 LOD1 models - Added functions to allow 180+ degree turns into a given direction - Added reduced bank angle to MSFS version - Fixed CF Leg drawing for right turns (Test case: EGHH/26 - EGHH/ILS26/BIA) - Verified CF Leg drawing for left turns (Test case: EGHI/20 - EGHI/20/EAS) - Last direct waypoint now disappears from DIR INTC page after the aircraft passed it. - Fixed route zig zagging - Fixed bearing pointers - Fixed missing SID-Enroute transitions at end of list - Fixed wrong heading calculation if both longitudes on a track are equal - Added support for hardware flaps axis - Added support for hardware spoiler axis - Fixed ALT mode switching to ALTS CAP instead of PITCH - Added icao_xxx entries to aircraft.cfg - Updated CRJ-550 model - Custom Glideslope Hold - Landing and takeoff behavior improvements in flight model - Fixed arc and radius to fix drawing routines - New throttle control mechanics via Simconnect - Improved ground and flight spoiler effects - Cruise performance fine tuned to new atmospheric model - Take of rotation improved by modified slats/flaps behaviour and new V-Stabilizer calculation - Improved flight spoiler to meet real world descent rates - Improved ground spoiler effect for correct lift dumping effect at touch down - Over all stability in flight improved to feel less wind and turbulence effects - All flaps stages matching operating handbook reference data and are based on new flaps model - Correct CoG empty display in modified UI - UI Load stations with max value reference data - Fixed (INTC) to Arc leg sequencing (GCFV/01 LORP4Q SID) - Added arrow in flightplan display for arc legs (RF/AF) with the overfly flag set
  13. Upvoting the issue. Aprupt nose up on AP engagement on stable climb (nav + speed) happens sometimes. Yesterday it happened when flying by hand bit higher before engaging AP.
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