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  1. Thanks for the assistance the problem was that I had the flight mode "LEGACY" instead to fly the CRJ you need "Modern"
  2. thank you so much. Now it takes off normally thank you very much. can close my topic
  3. edit from the EFB and click once / twice set payload. But still don't go into the simulator the COG is 35%.
  4. is at 35%, I have set everything but it does not take off before 200 kias
  5. Hi, I have the opposite problem I can not get the plane to take off .... I am attaching the video, can I know your settings ?, I prefer that it gets up by itself rather than that it gets up after 200 knots microsoft-flight-simulator-20210318-20574102_4W4JYIyK.mp4
  6. My CRJ at any weight does not get up before 180 this makes any take off on runways less than 2km impossible. Does anyone know why it happens to me instead in the tutorials everything is fine? Yes I have read the manuals and seen the tutorials of both The Dude and filberts. Also, if I push the joystick down too far, the screens freeze.
  7. my CRJ does not take off vr . Also, if you push the yoke too low, the screens freeze microsoft-flight-simulator-20210317-21511501_ojlgh9yy.mp4 microsoft-flight-simulator-20210318-20574102_4W4JYIyK.mp4
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