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  1. I got them to work correctly what comes to mind: 1) did you map the "throttle 1 axis " and "throttle 2 axis " binds to the correct axis (Joystick L-Axis X and Joystick L-Axis Y) from your throttle? Make sure you did not select "throttle 1 axis (0 to 100%)" 2) play with the "reverse axis" checkboxes (i have them unchecked) 3) is the sensitivity set up correctly in the sim? (all but reactivity set to 0%. Reactivity should be set to 100%) 4) did you do the calibration in the second page of the options page of the EFB inside the CRJ? 5) did you unlock the throttles when starting cold and dark (click the red lever on the throttle and slew it forward with the mouse. They will only move if you did that manually)
  2. But Microsoft is in the state Washington, not Washington DC so that would be around 4am for them 🙂
  3. Hi @Mathijs Kok, was just checking this one out and on page 8 there is a dead link: ; check its product page on our websites: https://www.aerosoft-shop.com/products/navdatapro/navdatapro.html greets, Koen
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