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  1. Sorry moonfog, I wasn't very clear. I'm not a programmer, but I have some that work for me. Good ones. Each time you change the code of the exported file, it is potentially a different layout. Things are "jumbled" around - not the same. This introduces errors. Like when I import a simbrief *.flp into crj700 fms and the result is duplicate waypoints, for example, that then have to be edited out. The time to correct this is not so much an issue as, both separate flight plans, although meant to be the same, are in fact different. I am told one format relies on north-south coordinates, while the other relies on east-west. They opened the files and showed me. If this is true, that alone can be a cause for introducing potential errors between the two flight plan formats. Also, I don't know but wonder, is the software used to write the original *.pln the same as that used to write the *.flp. That can also be a source of error between the two plan formats. I was thinking that if Aerosoft imported the *.pln format into the crj700 fms, then there would be no difference between the code. MSFS 2020 and CRJ700 have the exact same flight plan. No errors, no editing post install, less chance for msfs 2020 atc thinking you are doing one thing, and crj700 fms flying to something else. Especially on approaches. In the meantime, I am having my guy look into building me a *.pln to *.flp converter, as the simbrief exports are obviously different, or there would be no problems to "fix" once the simbrief *.flp was loaded into the crj700 fms. He has done many software project for my full scale flight sims over the years, but the real question is, do I want to take my own time and money to fix what should obviously be done already. Example: All computer video cards, no matter how they are made, and by who, have (fit) into the same identical video card slot. Cross platform - they all use the same install, or you would have caos in the computer industry on so many levels. I theorizing that the aircraft manufacturers, asobos and 3rd parties, need to settle on one flight plan format for all. Life would be so much simpler for those who buy the products. I know it's just a game, but for me, it is flight training. RL does not work this way. Sorry if I'm being to nit picky about it, don't mean to be.
  2. Then I guess this is a question for Aerosoft, since I don't see Asobo being able or willing to do this: Is it possible for Aerosoft to "add" a *.pln format to simbrief flight plans that are loaded into the crj700 fms? I load the *.flp now, can they make it so the *.pln can be preloaded as well? This would ensure complete accuracy with the flight navigation of the aircraft. Just a thought.
  3. I have always just loaded a flight plan into the msfs 2020 world map flight planning system, then loaded the crj700 and loaded the same flight plan in the fms without really asking this question... Is it necessary to load both. I just took it for granted that if I did not load the flight plan into the msfs 2020 world map then the sim's atc would not know where I intended to fly. If I did not load the flight plan into the crj fms then the crj would not know where to fly. Is this correct?
  4. SJC, I have been getting used to the CRJ since purchase, and have been focusing on small problems related to simbrief flight plan installs, so I cannot say I have noticed this issue. I will say, on my night flights that proper lighting is needed and important for me. However with that said, I never run up the lights to high brightness, on a night flight; therefore even if one set of lights is brighter than the other, I would simply turn them down to match the level of illumination I desired. I am not aware of the brightness levels in the real CRJ either. Some engineer may have decided that one panel needed more illumination than the other. Just speculation. Going forward, I will take a look more closely at what you have mentioned.
  5. rbringh, I'm going to have to agree with you that the "by hand" is longer. But...I get as many as 4 duplicates on just one waypoint, and when you combine multiple waypoints, that is a task sorting out which is a legit waypoint and which is not. Does not count the 6 discontinuities I had at last import. The by hand method for me may not ultimately be any faster, but it is clean, and accurate...as long as my initial flight plan was such. But I will keep trying the "flp" import as well. This is something Aerosoft is going to have to fix.
  6. Crabby, I had a little spare time and compared simbrief to hand load into the CRJ700. I also have a navigraph subscription, but it does not have an export feature for the CRJ, the *.flp format. It does however, export in the msfs 2020 format, *.pln. Thought maybe export from navigraph, better flight plan format, into msfs 2020 and that would automatically load into the CRJ, but it did not. I found that the simbrief does load directly into the CRJ700 FMS but it is all messed up, with duplicates and discontinuities, and I had to clean then up. Then I loaded the exact same plan but by hand. Faster, more accurate and with runways, sids, stars and approaches. So, I guess there is no real import at the moment for the CRJ, just load by hand if you want an accurate flight plan.
  7. Thanks for the assist crabby. I have a team of IR techs with about 65 years total programming experience. They rebuilt my flight sim VR system from the ground up, about 5 months ago, specifically because the MSFS 2020 was continuously CTD. We finally got the msfs NOT to CTD, then I quit using MSFS 2020 for about the last 5 months. Now, after this update 5, it seems the CTD is back, which leads me to the obvious conclusion that it is MSFS 2020 breaking everything. One of my programmers has over 40 years experience. He builds real world, full size, military sims for real world military s around the world. That's where I learned to build sims, before VR came into my focus. He tells me that he can produce a whole body of code that works, then suddenly stops working for no apparrent reason. He then builds a "patch" to "fix" the problem, and the problem stops. Then, down the road, the fix stops working for no apparent reason. He removes the "fix" patch, and all works as it should and was originally designed to do. He says code gets so complicated, that even the programmers sometimes have no clue. So the moral of the story is, it is my guess the MSFS 2020 has created a monster that they do not even know how to control.
  8. I know about importing simbrief. I would like to know if there is a way, after creating an ifr flight plan in MSFS 2020 world map, that it can be imported into the CRJ 700? Thank you.
  9. I use an Intel Core I7 8700k with 32 GIG 3200Mhz ram Nvidia Geforce 2080Ti and Samsung 970 Pro 1 TB SSD drive. But I think to more accurately answer your question, is that the avoidance of the CTD was just dumb luck, as I believe this is a BIG issue that MSFS 2020 has yet to address.
  10. Thanks Crabby, I totally agree with you, and would do that myself if I were not in VR.
  11. I apologize if this is the wrong forum. I searched and could not find an answer. I fly VR, in msfs2020, with CRJ. I have a subscription to navigraph. I have the current airac cycle installed in MSFS 2020 and in the CRJ. The "flying database" is not what I am referring to. I would like to know if the navigraph charts can be displayed in the MFD of the aircraft, or if there are plans to have navigraph "charts" "sids" "stars" etc displayed in the efb. I know there is an add-on from navigraph that can have a box in VR display the charts, but that box is shimmering and is really not readable for any practical use. Having the charts in the efb or mfd, those screens seem to be much more stable in VR, that the screens are much clearer - no shimmering, easy to read. I could find no info in the manuals about this, no info in the navigraph web site or on Aerosoft. Does anyone have any information whether "yes" this can be / is being done, or "no". Thank you in advance.
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