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  1. It seems don't , that's sad May be reason is some SDK problems, but i'm not sure. UPD: Mathijs answer
  2. YUP. Even here i can hear changing sound level of noises after landing gear down. In sim i can hear no changes after this operation. I think Ideal decision is add some volume tuner into the laptop and everyone can edit his sound as he want. (like FlyByWire did).
  3. It's strange, cuz i watched some videos from the cabin and i can hear very clearly some clunk and hydraulic sounds. Yep they are not such loud but anyway...
  4. Nice, you made great work. Is landing gear sound (inside cockpit) includes in this update?
  5. Lol, it's already 17 of march in my region. I hoped to "blind" buy it today but its seems to be no sense to wait it all night. Moreover tomorrow will be more reviews which help me to know should i buy it or not. See you tomorow guys, hope you will try it befor 12 pm
  6. WOW 16.03 is my birthday. Thanks Aerosoft for the gift!
  7. Thanks so much for Twin Otter. I'm really exciting this model. Cabin looks pretty good. It would be great if you add some scratch and scuffs on some details like yoke and buttons. It's the small things but it makes plane more "alive". As example you can see some DCS modules like Hornet and F-16, it looks real whith such details. Anyway thanks again for amazing models.
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