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  1. NZQN DCT TIMJO Y153 DOPKI DOPK2F NZCH/R20-X This was my route going into Chch
  2. LNAV is on, followed the RNP into NZCH laterally but not vertically, climbing and descending randomly.
  3. NZCH/20 PEDM1Q GRETA Y393 WARDS WARD2C NZWN/MEEDA.R34-X, navigraph data. Nav and LNAV armed then doesn't follow the path post MEEDA with VNAV not calculating a smooth path with an over 2000FPM descent after MEEDA not following the path
  4. Thanks, seems worth it to have more throttle axis
  5. Where did you find the detents on the website?
  6. I found that restarting the flight got it to work
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