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  1. Well......my pc is 11 years old, i5 3.2ghz 1060 nvidia 6gb card and 16gb ram.....I it runs pretty smooth for me, I am amazed.....the fly by wire A320 and cj4 do not run smooth at all...its great!! Regards Paul egcc
  2. Mathijs.............big apologies here from me, sorry for ranting and raving........ my 6th flight was a total success, no problems whatsoever and its all because...........I turned the bloody icing effects OFF in the settings, I cant believe it! I Will that setting to off now I guess until that is fixed by Asobo. Very Sorry. Regards Paul EGCC
  3. I am not a pilot, but I have 20 years with flightsim, I have done 5 short flights now and not one of them have been a success and everytime its been to do with descending, everything is configured correctly, I have followed the tutorial twice, and filberts, no success here for me. I will set up another flight shortly and have another go. It is a awesome plane, I love it......but this descending is testing my patience. Ive tryed everything and Ill try again....
  4. The plane just wont follow the descent profile when it should, all good until decent then the immersion is compleltley lost....not happy here I tell you.....50 bloody quid!!! 20 years experience....al things correct in procedures.......ya need to get this plane sorted guys asap......too many problems looking at this forum!
  5. Yeah I have the same wind noise too....defo not right...needs sorting
  6. Can you tell me please....I have a i5 3.2 ghz processor, Nvidia 1060 6GB card and 16mb of ram, its 10 years old ...I can fly the tbm930 and the crj4 with descent frame rates but it struggles with A320. ... will my computer be able to handle the CRJ. What do ya think guys?? Thank you Regards Paul
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