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    Flap Logic

    Indeed the older 7's and 9's would have slats 25 deploy when selected flaps 20, this is actually something carriers can go in and change for fleet commonality (my old regional went in a tweaked this so all the aircraft deployed slats on the "new" schedule). Created a great rumble having slats 25 out at flaps 20 on the older ones though Hopefully this is something the simulator frees up for the team in the future!
  2. Solid, I'll look into using SpadNext for that for now, hopefully it's something they look into making a toggle option on the EFB.
  3. And all I'm saying is that functions the opposite of the real aircraft. From a dev standpoint super easy small mistake to make, literally just assigning the =1/=0 variable to the wrong position in the code. With all the things they had to do to make this aircraft function it would be easy to miss, but functionally it is incorrect. It took me a hot second when I first got it to get the audio to work because it's the opposite of real life.
  4. Apologies if this has been mentioned before, I searched in the forum for a bit but didn't find a previous post. The Audio Control Panel Receive pushbuttons are reversed from what they are in real life. When you push VHF 1 "in" for example, that should activate receiving on VHF 1, not pulling it "out". This next part I'm assuming is a limitation of the simulator and not a big a deal IMO if the previously mentioned issue is addressed. When you have the transmit selector on a certain source, the receive function is also automatically activated regardless of receive pushbutton selection
  5. Could you please add the option to be able to toggle the radios between 25kHz and 8.33 kHZ spacing so we can choose the appropriate spacing for the region we are in? This would save a lot of headaches for when people are not flying in European Airspace. It's quite excessive having to scroll through all the extra frequencies when flying in North America and a bit of a nightmare when on PilotEdge.
  6. Looks great! As a former CRJ driver and instructor I’m so excited this will be the first 3rd party airliner in FS2020 and can’t wait to fly it in the sim and see how it compares to the real thing! For now all I have is the JRollon in Xplane and it is quite dated now haha.
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