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  1. I had the same issue this morning flying to LFMT ils rwy 30. Unable to capture and follow with auto pilote on I had to desengage and do it manually Thanks
  2. I had exactly the same issue and follow this guideline that has solved the issue Thierry
  3. Ok I think there is a bug with MSFS WU4 as the issue only happen while starting from a stand of LFMN. I have now a way to overcome this issue. You can close the topic. Just hope in the near future I will be able to start a CRJ flight from LFMN Thanks
  4. Should I try to uninstall and re-install once more?
  5. Yes, nonetheless I have followed the tutorial and I enjoyed flying the CRJ’s I had no problem up until I decided to uninstall MSFS as well as all addons including CRJ aircraft. Now I still have issues with MSFS (micro-freeze), but since I have turn the aircraft to cold and dark and saved this option, when I load either airplane I am even not able to power up the EFB thanks thierry
  6. Hi, Following the last update of MSFS and the performance issues, I have decided to do a full reinstall of the product (including addon). Every step was ok. I then changed the aircraft state of both aircraft in the EFB to cold and dark. Now I am not able to power up either of them , even the EFB does not power up. Any hint? Thanks a lot
  7. I have restarted the flight and it works. I will try to redo the full tutorial over the weekend will come back to you if I have any concerns thanks
  8. Following flight tutorial, everything went fine until I initiated a pushback, where the aircraft remain stuck at his parking slot (zooming I saw the two wheel turning). I then decided to start the engines and put full thrust. But the same issue the aircraft remain at his place (the wheel turning)! Obviously I check that the parking brake are off and the wheel chocks removed. any help would be welcome thanks
  9. I believe I am almost there . I have completed what proposed be Dolly77 and restarted the calibration process which end up with an error message :"Rev Maw overlap Idle". So now the throtlle work fine for Idle, climb, toga, max power, but do not go to rev max. any support would be apreciated thanks
  10. I have read in the forum that "Please make sure you assign the throttle axes to "THROTTLE n AXIS" and not to "THROTTLE n AXIS (0-100%)". But this is nor clear enough for me . could you help?
  11. Thanks for such a fast feed back. I am trying to calibrate the TCA throttle as indicated in the guideline but there is abstolutly no reaction oon both axis. no mouvment at all in the plane
  12. Hi all, thanks for that work. Unfortunatly I am not in position to calibrate my TCA throttle. Could you please review that? Many thanks
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