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  1. Hi Mathijs - this happened to me previously (not sure if you recall), and it turned out it wasn't me entering anything incorrectly but rather an issue with the serial number itself. I have triple-checked everything, and it is definitely not working... Can I send you my details for you to test on your end?
  2. I unfortunately had some issues with Windows 10 which necessitated a complete fresh reset/install. I am now trying to re-install all my apps and add-ons, but unfortunately the serial number of my original Aerosoft CRJ purchase doesn't seem to work seeing as I had already activated it on my previous Windows installation. Is there a workaround or quick fix for this, or will I need to get a new serial issued?
  3. I had exactly the same experience today. Previous 5/6 flights have been absolutely fine - today, flying MYNN to KPBI, no TOD... I don't think I did anything differently so cannot think what it could be. Was unable to find anything in the manuals either.
  4. Thanks for the help, all sorted! Glad it wasn't me going mad!
  5. Thanks, I just responded to you - it still doesn't work with the address changed to have ".co.Da" at the end (screenshot attached to ticket response).
  6. Yep - copied both exactly as they are, making sure there are no spaces, multiple times. I also typed them both as they are with no spaces, multiple times. I'm at my wits end, I just want to fly the plane! I logged a helpdesk ticket earlier, hopefully will be able to get it sorted soon.
  7. Thanks - I tried that, still didn't work
  8. Triple checked it all, still not working...
  9. Anyone else experienced this issue? I've tried a number of times (copy/paste, type in manually, etc.) but get the same response.
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