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  1. I wasn't particularly bothered by it, I just noted that the drops were a little harder to see than on some other aircraft. Could be any number of things I suppose: view point distance for example or the tinted windows. It just mentioned it because I thought someone else may also not see it at first either and confuse it for not working. As a side note, I'm loving the new version of the CRJ. It's really turned into a fantastic add on.
  2. It appears to me that the Trueglass effect is a little less prominent on the CRJ than other aircraft. I also thought that it wasn't working until I realized that it in fact was, it was just a little harder to see while sitting stationary at a gate.
  3. I am also currently experiencing some issues with some erratic control behavior but I am 100% sure it is my Saitek throttles that are the problem. While the CRJ does in fact seem to be more sensitive to control inputs and thus any controller 'noise' I do not believe it is the fault of the aircraft but rather that my Saitek units are just old and have very noisy pots. Most aircraft don't seem to be as adversely affected by this aside from piston engine aircraft which have near immediate engine response to control inputs. My problem actually lies in my flap lever assignment at the moment in which it is randomly retracting the flaps from the TO position. I do see some erratic throttle behavior as well though and given that the output from a noisy Saitek controller can literally jump 10k up and back again when they are in bad shape, I'd say the CRJ is interpreting the spike and momentarily putting the throttle into the CLB or TOGA detente. Unfortunately, Saitek is the best I can afford so these issues are just ones that I need to accept and deal with as best I can. BTW, it's a bit rudimentary in nature but exercising the control axis rapidly for a minute or two (i.e. slide the lever up and down the full length of travel) seems to clear some of the spikey response for at least a while. I suspect it helps clear corrosion off of the less utilized portions of the range. It's not a great solution but it's better than taking it apart!
  4. Anyone have any tricks for getting more performance out of Anchorage X? My computer is just above the minimum requirements and my FSX is pretty well optimized. I run FSX pretty well and can handle many other scenery add-ons but PANC kills my machine. I was hoping there would be a utility to help with performance issues like the ability to remove some of the extra 3D objects such as taxi lights and baggage carts. I am about to embark on a trial and error process of seeing which BGLs I can pull out to see if there is a way to remove some of these things. I was wondering if anyone else (or even better, the developer) could share any information on this from experience to save myself and others some time (and possibly frustration). I know I saw a BGL named runwaylampen or something along those lines so I am really hoping that some of these things are in their own BGLs. I am really hoping for an update that will allow us to optimize our performance by getting rid of some of the unneccessary objects. 1.10 maybe? And yes, I have disabled all of the ASE Lite options. I just wish it wasn't all or nothing with the 3D objects. When I do get around to experimenting, I will be happy to share my findings here as well for others that are having problems. I just don't have time to get started on it anymore today so I wanted to see if anyone else had in the mean time. Ian
  5. Thank you very much!!! I wonder if this is a difference between the North American site and the others? I looked all over and could not find a link anywhere. Thank you again. Ian
  6. I just installed Anchorage X and when it updated the Aerosoft Launcher, the update process encountered an error and now I essentially have no launcher. Best I can tell, Anchorage installed correctly (I haven't tried it yet) but I can't use the launcher to activate it (...which is why I haven't tried the scenery in the sim yet). I have just spent more time than I care to think about going in circles trying to find a stand alone download for the launcher program and I can't find it anywhere. I tried the FAQ/Updates thing... no where to be found. Forums - nothing. I have searched and searched and found other posts where people had the same problem and they were being told to get it from the updates section and I have looked and looked and quite frankly I am starting to get increadibly frustrated over such a insignificant thing such as updating the launcher program. Why on earth isn't this found in is own section from the products pull down in the updates section?! Please tell me where I can get this so I can activate my purchase. Thank you in advance, Ian Grant
  7. The issue seems to have resolved itself. After having the controls ice up on my during a recent flight I can say that the behavior was very similar but unexpected. The times that it happened were in clear air and in Utah, USA which was at high altitude but I don't recall it being terribly cold. At any rate, I haven't had an issue with it in the past few days so I have been flying my BushHawk happily.
  8. I did one more flight last night and was able to maintain rudder control after landing. I use pedals and no auto coordination so I am sure my problem is not the same as the link you share, though it was a very good read and helped rule some things out. It seems like a control conflict the way the animations react- if I input right rudder the rudder moves right some but jumps back and forth rapidly and after a moment returns to center. I thought perhaps some how an autopilot mode was getting turned on so I double checks all that. Flying this aircraft with FSEconomy it actually 'doesn't' have an autopilot so FSE disables it which obviously could lead to issues but I am quite sure that was not the problem. I will continue to fly it and see if the problem pops up again. One interesting thing I did run into is on my last flight I wasn't able to move the flaps after I started up and was running through the checklist. I reset failures (i wish it remembered your setting by the way and didn't default to 'normal') and that didn't solve it so I selected a different BushHawk model, checked their operation which seemed to be fine, I switched back and the problem was cured. I am not sure what is at play here but for some reason the BushHawk likes to inhibit my control inputs at random times.
  9. On two flights in a row now I am unable to exit the runway and taxi because my rudder freezes up. The pedals (in the VC) and the actual rudder will 'flutter' when I try to input in either direction but is mostly stuck in the neutral position. I have full rudder capabilities in the air leading up to landing but as soon as I land it becomes locked. I was having some strange issues as a result of a conflict between the RXP GNS430 and FSEconomy which I found a way around. (The issue was bad stuttering and screen tearing when switching views). I don't know if one of the two are the culprit this time as well but it is very strange. I can still fly the plane and make my destination so it is not really a critical problem but it sure is a bummer to land and have to shut down on the runway because I can't taxi off.
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