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  1. Thanks. It appears that the light switches that are bound by default turns on the external lights. However, no switch is being flicked inside the cockpit. The issue was resolved by unbinding them. The Alpha yoke and Bravo throttle seems to cause a lot of issues with the CRJ, for example, when using the default keybinds of the Bravo throttle you are unable to start engine number one. It may be worth concidering adding a part to the manual adressing these issues.
  2. Hello, I have a small issue with the product, the external lights are always on. They are in the off position in the cockpit, but when I look outside I see everytrhing on (With the landing and taxi lights as an exception) Any fix for this? Nils
  3. I think you turned on the strobe lights a bit to early. If another plane was taxiing bahind you, you would distract the pilots.
  4. Do we know anything about a working TCAS? For example, does it work with networks like VATSIM and IVAO?
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